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UNLESS you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you will have heard that Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague is expecting her first child with her boxer boyfriend Tommy Fury.

But Molly-Mae is not just a reality TV star, she is also the Creative Director of fashion brand Pretty Little Thing.

We have seen Molly-Mae bring out a host of collections with the brand and now, one YouTuber named Roxi has put her clothing line to the test. 

Known on the video sharing platform as Roxxsaurus, fashion fan Roxi has a whopping 4.57million subscribers, and recently took to the social media site to show off her honest review of the Molly-Mae Hague Pretty Little Thing collection.

She said: “We are going to be reviewing the new Molly-Mae X Pretty Little Thing collab.

“The whole premise of this collab was transitional pieces into Autumn, whilst still being quite summery.

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“I picked up six different outfits, these were my favourite outfits”.

The first item that Roxi tried was a beige cut-out dress.

She was very impressed with the dress and explained: “We’ll start off with my favourite dress from the collection – it is super trendy, stunning in colour and the fit looks, chef’s kiss.

“Oh my god, this dress is everything, I feel so good in this dress, it’s very body-hugging but comfortable at the same time.”

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The second outfit that Roxi tried was a brown cropped blazer and sheer logo leggings.

Roxi continued: “This one is more towards the Autumnal vibes.

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“I’m not 100% sure that I’m going to like the blazer but I thought it looked interesting so I’d try it.

“I’m not hating this one as much as I thought I would, these trousers are not as bad and not as sheer as I thought they would be.

“There are still see-through but I don’t think you can really tell because they are skin-coloured.

“The lining underneath is enough to cover my underwear.

“I really like the look of the blazer, but these parts here, I see they were trying to make a fashion statement, but is it working?”

The third look was a cropped blazer top with a matching skirt, but the YouTube star was not convinced.

She revealed: “This outfit, I have to say, I’m not a fan of.

“It looks really strange, the fabric is not nice, the comfort level is literally zero.

“It’s itchy everywhere and the shoulder pads sit really strange.

“The skirt is also a little bit weird, it goes really low on the sides and high in the middle, I think the skirt was sown a bit weird.

“It had potential, it looked amazing on Molly-Mae but what I have here is just not worth the time”.

However, the next dress was a success.

Roxi tried a cut-out mint green dress and said: “I loved the way this looked on Molly-Mae and this dress is absolutely gorgeous.

“I’m in love with the colour and the way it fits

“This is the item that I think Pretty Little Thing never fails at, and that is dresses.

“I love the neckline so much, it looks so good and fits nicely”.

Following this, the fifth look left Roxi very unimpressed.

She tried on a pair of ruched trousers but was stunned at just how huge they were.

She added: “Oh my god, what is going on here?! 

“There is so much excess fabric – I feel like this isn’t how a pair of trousers should be.

“As good as this looked on Molly-Mae I think it looks absolutely terrible on me, it looks ridiculous doesn’t it. 

“These trousers are just a big, big no”.

Finally, Roxi tried a linen co-ord but was left open-mouthed at how revealing the top was.

She concluded: “It is a little bit too open for my liking, I would probably put a button on it or send it back because to be honest, I don’t really want to show off my boobs to everyone. 

“You could wear a bralette underneath it but it’s very, very open.

“I feel like with a good iron or steam, it could be a nice outfit.

“I think the fabric is quite unique, I quite like this green colour.

“I’d probably give it a 5 out of 10”.

Roxi’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has racked up a whopping 96,973 views.

One person said: “Roxi always looks good in everything she’s so beautiful …but that second blazer was a miss for me too”. 

Another added: “I actually laughed so hard when you did the ruching on those trousers”. 

A third commented: “Those pants are giving scarecrow from Wizard of Oz vibes”. 

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Someone else noted: “I loved the collection but lately I’ve felt like all clothing collections are only targeted for slim people who are a size 12 or smaller. 

“I personally wouldn’t feel confident in any of the items that you showed or anything else I’ve seen, I’m a size 16/18 with a funny body shape”. 

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