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KNOWING how to dress for your age is a fantastic skill to have.

Unfortunately, too many people buy items that make them look older than they are — and this is something that can be avoided.

TikToker and fashion expert Nevin El Moda posted a video sharing clothing items and styles women should avoid if they don’t want to age themselves.

Her first tip is to avoid buying too many trendy items.

Nevin says: “[There’s] no longevity. At least follow the 80% basics plus 20% trendy rule.”

Her second tip is to stop pairing oversized tops and shirts with baggy bottoms.

She shares an example photo of a woman wearing two loose-fitting pieces of clothing with a red X to symbolize her disapproval.

Next, Nevin says: “No to chunky shoes.”

She shows one bad example of a woman wearing large sneakers with thick soles.

Instead, she suggests wearing sleek heels or simple flats.

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After that, Nevin advises against wearing old or scuffed shoes and bags.

According to her, if your accessories look worn down, they must be avoided.

Finally, Nevin shares a tip about being too modest or not modest enough.

“Don’t hide or show too much skin. Balance is good,” she explains.

She shares a photo of a woman scantily dressed in an exposed bra exposed compared to a woman wrapped up in a huge blanket.

Before anyone could post any comments of disagreement on her video, Nevin added a disclaimer.

She wrote: “Please wear what you like! These are my own opinions and personal preferences.”

A handful of people in her comment section replied back to her.

One woman said: “Thanks for the advice!”

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“What about good comfy casual shoes [paired] with jeans?” someone else asked.

“With jeans, I personally go with Ecco or Dolce Vita sneakers,” Nevin responded.

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