I'm a food critic and tried making chips in an Air Fryer but was bitterly disappointed – they were dull and dry | The Sun

IF YOU own an air fryer, the chances are you've cooked some chips in it by now.

Even though the entire internet seems to have gone mad for the gadget and the delicious grub you can whip up in no time, it turns out not everyone's a fan.

Food critic Jay Rayner revealed in The Guardian that he was looking forward to finally trying the raved about air fryer chips, but was left with nothing but a bad taste in his mouth.

Jay skipped the frozen chip option, putting the air fryer to the real test to see if it could create perfect home-made chips.

It's a big ask, since freshly fried chips are perfectly crisp and fluffy thanks to the hot oil, but you only need a couple of teaspoons of oil in the air fryer.

The pro said: "As an alternative to a deep fat fryer, this particular appliance has been a total, abject failure.

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"It’s also worth noting the capacity is small. You can only feed two or three people at most with one of these. After that you’ll be cooking in batches."

Jay was left with "semi-raw" chips after leaving them in the popular appliance for almost half an hour.

When the chips were finally cooked the result wasn't much better, as he was left with awful dry and dull chips – which sounds less than appetising.

Despite the epic chip failure, the food critic did note that air fryers aren't a complete write off.

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He explained that there are probably other foods that would cook perfectly in the gadget – just not home-made chips.

Not only that, but using an air fryer rather than a conventional oven can help cut cooking costs, which is a huge bonus.

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