I’m a gardening expert and here’s how to keep your lawn green during winter – it won’t cost you anything either | The Sun

KEEPING your lawn fresh and green in winter can be a struggle with the lack of sunlight and the heavy rainfall.

But experts are on hand to make sure your backyard stays lush in the chilly months with their tips for a pristine lawn all year round.

The professionals at GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk told Express.co.uk how to make gardens stand out from the crowd with advice like spoon-feeding the lawn with fertiliser and mowing every three weeks.

The expert said: “It’s vital for gardeners to look after their grass in the winter months, as the change in weather can create harmful conditions for the soil and lead to an unpleasant appearance.

“Maintenance is key to keeping your grass green in the colder months, but it’s also important to use these simple methods if you want to achieve perfectly green grass."

Here are their pro tips for a gorgeous garden.

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Coffee grounds

The professionals advised sprinkling coffee grounds as a form of fertiliser that will release hydrogen into the soil giving it vital nutrients.

They said: "Make sure to rake it in so the grounds go directly into the soil and try to limit the amount you use, as in some cases it can leave patches of brown in the grass."

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Remove weeds

Next up, they issued a reminder to shift those pesky weeds – even in winter when the cold weather makes it unappealing.

The helps keep the lawn fresh and healthy. Although if you use a spray to clear the weeds, be sure not to get any on the grass as it will ruin the condition.

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Mow every three weeks

The pro suggested using the "rule of three" and mow the lawn once every three weeks.

Keep the grass at a sensible length between 1.5 and two inches. The experts said: "Cutting the grass down too far in winter can lead to bare patches in the garden and inconsistencies in colour."

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Make sure you keep putting fertiliser on your lawn throughout the year – and increase the amount in winter.

This means that you'll get better quality grass and it will prevent disease in the rougher weather.

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