I'm a hairdresser, my tips will give you salon-style hair at home WITHOUT the £250 price tag

IT’S no secret that in order to keep your hair looking its best every day, having a top-notch collection of products is vital. 

But top notch products often mean top tier prices, so there’s no hope for those of us on a budget, right?

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Wrong! Hairdresser and makeup artist Faye Carter says that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get salon-worthy results at home.

She told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk: “My clients sometimes struggle with knowing which products to buy, especially if they don’t have the money to shop for some of the higher-end options. 

“However, there are ways to get the same benefits you’d receive with luxe products as well as save on cost.

“I have shared my ultimate style kit for those on a budget. Buying all the high-end products would cost over £257, while the budget alternatives total just under £52. Here are my top money-saving swaps.”

Swap Kerastase Elixir Ultime £37.70 For L’Oréal Mythic Oil £14.45

  • L'Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Original Oil, £14.95 – buy here

Kerastase Elixir Ultime is great for keeping hair hydrated and moisturised. You don’t need much, just a few pumps and apply it to the areas which need it most.

It can be used on damp hair after washing and some people use it on the ends before bed. It also offers protection from heat damage so you can style your hair with confidence.

However, this product comes in at RRP £37.70 for 100ml and not everyone may be able to afford it. A budget alternative is L’Oreal Mythic Oil 100ml which you can get online for £14.45 if you shop around.

Swap Glov Hair Wrap £16.90 For Primark Microfleece Hair Turban £1.50

The GLOV Hair Wrap is ideal for drying and conditioning hair. It has a short drying time and is super absorbent. Made of microfibres, it protects hair structures and is suitable for wearing overnight. That being said, some people may not want to pay £16.90 for a hair wrap so a great alternative is available at Primark.

You can buy a product which has similar properties for just £1.50 at Primark by picking up the Hot Pink Microfleece Hair Turban. 

Swap Silk Pillowcase £110.95 for Primark Satin Hair Wrap £2.50

Having a silk pillowcase to sleep on at night means your hair will be more hydrated when you wake up as it doesn’t absorb as much moisture. 

It’s also a gentle fabric, so you won’t experience the tangling you may be used to in the mornings. However, a high-end product can cost as much as £110.95.

The good news is that budget-savvy shoppers can swap this out for the Primark Satin Hair Wrap, which comes in at just £2.50.

Swap Shu Uemura Purple Shampoo £31 for Fanola No Yellow Shampoo £10.90

  • Fanola No Yellow Shampoo, £10.90 – buy here

Nobody wants their hair to look brassy after bleaching or highlighting, so finding a good purple shampoo is essential. A high-end product is the Shu Uemura Anti-Brass Purple Shampoo 300ml. 

It promotes brighter and more nourished hair and is suitable for lightened hair, silver hair and bleached blonde hair. That said, if you don’t want to pay up to £31 for the product, there is an alternative available to you.

The Fanola No Yellow Shampoo offers more bang for your buck – you get 1 litre for £10.90, which is a third of the price and 3x as much! But wear gloves as it stains hands!

Swap Moroccanoil Mask £25.45 For Osmo Deep Repair Mask £9.99

  • OSMO Intensive Deep Repair Mask 1200 ml, £9.99 – buy here

If your hair is struggling with dryness and you’re looking for a deep treatment, Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask is an indulgent option which contains argan oil. This will both hydrate and condition, but you may not want to pay up to £25.45 for this product. Fortunately there is an alternative.

As with the purple shampoo, the bargain swap for this product offers much more for a lower price. The OSMO Intensive Deep Repair Mask is on offer on Amazon right now for £9.99 and you get 1.2 litres! Even at full price it only costs £13.85 which is half the price of the Moroccanoil mask.

Swap Benjamin Madle Clips £15.95 For Primark No Mark Hair Clips £2.50

Not only are high quality hair clips an essential for a stylist, they are also indispensable for those of us at home who want to clip our hair back during styling without leaving any marks or dents. 

Those with the disposable cash to spend may choose the Benjamin Madle Session Star Cover Clips which come in a pack of 25, are available in various colours and are great for keeping curls in place.

However you can get clips which look exactly the same from Primark for just £2.50. You get 8 in a pack but you could buy 3 packs and get 24 clips for £7.50, which is still half the price of the high-end option. 

Swap Redken Finishing Hairspray £20 For Elnett Hairspray – 2 for £10

  • L'Oreal Hairspray by Elnett for Strong Hold & Shine, two for £10 – buy here

No hairstyle is complete without a dash of hairspray, which is why it’s important to find the perfect product. 

A luxe product which is popular is the Redken Quick Dry Hairspray which has an RRP of £20. It can be used to manipulate a style into the desired shape, or applied at the end to set your hair and give it shine.

However if you are looking for a bargain then Boots has a 2 for £10 offer at the moment on its Elnett Hairspray. 

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