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A HOOTERS GIRL has shared the sneaky way she has accrued a surplus amount of Hooters uniform attire that she takes special care of.

The young woman detailed her successful haul of Hooters items that are more than the normal recommended amount with viewers on TikTok.

TikTok user Allison, known as @alli_sun18, shares the story behind how she was able to amass a large selection of Hooters pieces for only a small fraction of the price.

In the TikTok video, the self-described "average looking female" informs viewers about the strict uniform attire at Hooters and the reasons for the many pieces involved in the waitress' workday look.

The social content is a reply to user @caitlynchai's comment on a previous video that asks, "Are you required to buy all your uniform pieces?"

"So, this is technically no. When you start you get two sets of uniforms," she says at the start of the video.


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The Hooters Girl then adds that waitresses purchase one all-black uniform and one traditional uniform comprised of a white shirt and orange bottoms.

When she first started working for the food-related brand, Allison says that she received long sleeve shirts for both uniforms but others may receive a sleeveless or short-sleeve top instead.

"But the thing is if you get a T-shirt or a tank top, you might be cold one day, so you'll have to buy a long sleeve," she states.

According to her, long-sleeved Hooters uniform tops are about $10.50, but for guests, it's $35.

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Though some Hooters Girls have a mysterious hack that saves them a ton of money in uniform-related expenses.

"There's these two guys that, as a hobby, they transport different uniforms to different locations and they give them to use for free," she claims.

Allison then proceeds to showcase her large collection of articles of clothing from Hooters that she hocked from the traveling salesman.

Besides one tank and the original black set that she received upon completing training got, she says one salesman has bought her almost all of her all-black uniform pieces that include shirts and shorts.

She also shows viewers the surplus amount of Hooters-related memorabilia, T-shirts, and merchandise that she's been given.

The sheer diversity of the products allows her to have a bit of creativity and bring her personal style in when choosing what she wears to work.

"He bought me the original black one and then the cropped jersey," she explains.

Though hats are not normally part of the Hooters Girl uniform wardrobe, she also states to viewers that she's received chic Hooters collectible hats, including beanies and a snapback that typically retail for around $20 each.

"So, overall, you don't have to have all of the pieces of the uniform. You kinda just have to have the ones that you want, " she declares toward the end of the video.

Allison closes out the video by thanking her "bestie Brian" for all of the Hooters-related swag he buys her.

Some women were in awe that she had to pay for any part of her uniform, while others were proud of the way she finagled the payment process.

"The fact you have to buy uniform at all is crazy," one user noted online.

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"Idk who this man is who buys all your stuff but I have one too and all I can say is YES GIRL," one viewer commented.

"Buy?!!!!?! BUY the uniform THEY require you to wear?!!!?!!? insane," another added.

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