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FOR Hooters fans, the most wonderful time of the year isn't the frigid holiday season – it's the hot summer months when special occasions merit a uniform swap.

One Hooters girl swapped her T-shirt for a bikini top over Labor Day weekend and her followers couldn't get enough of the total transformation.

Anna Peters is a college student and Hooters employee, who uses her TikTok account to post on-the-job content along with clips from campus life.

In one video, Peters showed how a simple wardrobe change can totally revolutionize how people see her.

The clip starts out normally enough: in a selfie, Peters stands in the back room at work, showing off her normal Hooters uniform in the mirror.

She looks gorgeous in the long-sleeve T-shirt and orange shorts. But then, in the blink of an eye, everything changes.


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The TikTok suddenly cuts to video footage of Peters standing in the main area of the restaurant on Labor Day weekend.

Instead of her full-coverage shirt, Peters is wearing a pink, triangle-top bikini with her orange shorts – though she keeps the name tag in place.

Viewers were delighted by the sudden change, leaving comments that ranged from complimentary to teasing.

Two different commenters were literally at a loss for words, instead leaving a series of emojis including crying faces, hearts, and "100 percent" symbols.

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One man was completely prepared to submit to any of Peters' demands. "I’m ready to sub," he wrote.

Another person teased her, writing, "you really put the 'Ho' in Hooters."

Worried about offending her, they did add a caveat to their statement, swearing to God they were just kidding.

Other women also expressed appreciation for the new look, though some were envious.

"I wanna work there so bad OMG," wrote a potential future employee for the brand.

No one is immune to criticism, though, and Peters did receive one snarky comment from a viewer.

Apparently, they took issue with the combination of a pink bikini top and orange shorts. "Doesn't even match," they wrote.

Luckily, in the video's description, Peters made clear that any criticism would be brushed off. "But this is my favorite bikini," she insisted.

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