I’m a Hooters girl – the strict wardrobe and makeup rules I follow, including putting foundation on my arms | The Sun

WORKING at Hooters means following a distinct set of rules, according to one employee.

Taking to her YouTube, Hooters girl Sydney Spiess has shared some of the expectations the food chain has for its workers.

In a video, Spiess walked viewers through her getting-ready process before a shift.

First, she covered accessory guidelines.

"We can't wear more than one earring on each ear, and they have to be like studs. They can't be dangly earrings or anything fancy," she said.

"We can't have tongue piercings, nose piercings, lip piercings – like nothing."

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Spiess also touched on more permanent body modifications.

"And we also have to cover our tattoos, so the only visible tattoo that I would cover is the one on my wrist."

She said she doesn't cover the inking on her fingers as it wouldn't be realistic when it comes to washing her hands.

Next, she spoke about makeup requirements.

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"So for Hooters you do have to wear some type of makeup. It doesn't have to be too crazy. It can be just natural. Just so you look like put together," she explained.

"When applying to Hooters you are not really applying to a job, you're more auditioning to play a certain role.

"Because as a Hooters girl, you have to represent a really like put together clean, beautiful girl that is very upbeat, fun, [and] charismatic. Engaging with the customers. Everything like that.

"So instead of just hiring like anybody, it's more like you're auditioning to play a certain role, like a movie or a model casting."

She continued: "They're looking for a very specific kind of person. So wearing makeup, getting rid of your tattoos, no facial piercings, that's all in the role."

In fact, the rules are so strictly followed that the Hooters girls' appearances are apparently checked before the beginning of each shift during something called a "jump start."

"If you're covering your tattoos, if your shoes are properly clean, if you're wearing the right socks.

"They have you dress a very specific way, and everything needs to be fitted and covered accordingly," she said.

"If I'm wearing a white shirt, I need to be wearing a nude bra. So it's like, just little things like that, they check at the jump start."

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