I’m a midsize fashion pro & here are my five tips for surviving the heatwave, including how to stop chafing | The Sun

WITH summer seemingly only set to get hotter so many people are going to be feeling uncomfortable in these scorching temperatures.

But luckily, Jess from @midsizefashioninspo is here to share some tips for surviving in this heat, including how to prevent the dreaded chafing that comes with the summer months.

Jess’s video, which has over 1.3 million views, shows off some helpful tips for surviving the summer as a midsize girl.

The fashion pro’s first tip is to use deodorant to avoid thigh chafing. For this Jess just sprays her thighs with a spray-on deodorant, although roll-on would likely work just fine too. 

For those women who may be slighter taller than average, no you don’t have to avoid mini dresses – Jess suggests wearing these with shorts underneath, which will help you avoid flashing anyone and can aid in preventing chafing.

The fashionista’s third tip may help you feel more confident and secure in any outfit, as she suggests purchasing a lightweight shirt, so you can feel a bit more covered and comfy, while also avoiding overheating in a jumper or cardigan.


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Jess’s fourth hack is one that will give your shorts a much more flattering fit. Just purchase them in a size up from  your usual size and wear them with a belt, this will cinch and draw attention to your waist and leave you looking great.

She also suggests investing in some comfy and flattering dresses, these are easy outfits and are great for wearing in the heat. When it comes to winter you can pair them with some tights and a cardigan, and continue wearing the dresses all year round.

Commenters loved the tips shared by Jess, with one writing: “I felt like a lot of these applied to me as a tall girl as well, especially the shorts under dresses and shirts over outfits.”

“Omg thank you!!!! I learnt something today” wrote a second.

Jess isn’t the only fashion guru sharing summer style tips online.

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