I'm a mom – my simple trick will get rid of all mattress stains even if your child wets the bed

YOUR CHILD'S nighttime "accident" no longer has to be a big deal.

One mom shared a video showing her easy tip for cleaning the mattress after your child accidentally wets the bed.

First, using a towel, the mom who goes by Page said to soak up any excess liquid that is on the mattress.

"Dry that off as good as possible," she said.

After that, you'll want to create your own cleaning mixture using just three simple ingredients.

In a spray bottle, combine one part vinegar with two parts water – more specifically, half a cup of white vinegar and one cup of water.

"Then add just a splash of your laundry detergent," she said.

"You really don't need much."

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After stirring the mixture together, you'll want to spray the product on the stain and allow it to sit for half an hour.

After the thirty minutes are up, using a fresh towel, soak up any liquid on the stain once more.

Once you've patted it dry a second time, you'll want to cover the entire spot with a layer of baking soda.

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"This has to dry for eight hours," she said.

The baking soda will absorb the rest of the moisture while also neutralizing any odors.

Once the area is dry, you can use a vacuum to clean up all of the baking soda.

"No stain, no stink, and your mattress is clean again."

Another mom shared how she gets her kids motivated to help clean the house by putting on a song and getting them to tidy all their toys up before the music ends.

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