I'm a mum and have a simple move to get non-burping babies to burp and other parents swear by it | The Sun

STRUGGLING to burp your baby? One mum has shared her go-to method when it comes to getting non-burping babies to burp after feeding.

The simple hack that sees the mum switch up the usual method of burping a baby over the shoulder was picked up by fellow parents and they're now swearing by the alternative method – insisting it works every time.

Parenting expert Larissa The Mama Coach shared a video with her followers on Instagram, as she reached out to fellow mums who are finding it difficult to burp their babies.

She suggested trying a new method instead which sees you hold your baby, who is sat in an upright position, on your knee.

Supporting their jaw, chest and back with your hands, Larissa revealed: "Bring them forward and then back and then [back to centre] and pause. See if you get a burp."

However, she assured mums that if their babies still didn't burp, it was fine to "move on".

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Larissa added the caption: "Also…normalise babies not burping! There’s no rule that a baby has to burp after every feeding.

"Fun fact: A 2015 randomised controlled trial showed that babies who are burped are no less likely to be fussy or spit up compared to babies who aren’t burped.

"So try for the burp, but if not successful after a few moments it’s okay move on."

Feeling inspired, fellow parents were seen trying the burping hack out for themselves and many were left impressed by its success.

"I can’t believe that worked," commented one mum, while another said: "Brilliant [me] and my partner both tried and it worked xx."

A third wrote: "Just tried it and it worked on the second go! Thanks for the tip and the extra sleep I’m gonna get. Excited to see if this continues to work for us!"

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One more impressed parent added: "It worked in the first try! Thank you."

Another mum backed the method, as she agreed: "1-this is my favourite way to burp! 2-it TOTALLY needs to be normalised! He burps maybe half his feeds and I would drive us both crazy if I kept forcing it to happen!"

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