I'm a mum & my 11-month-old son's hair is so long people accuse me of putting him in WIGS | The Sun

A MUM has been accused of putting her 11-month-old baby in wigs because his hair is so long.

Rachel Silvis, 31, from California, was stunned when she gave birth to her son Adam to discover he had a full head of hair.

His flowing locks have now had him dubbed as another member of The Beatles and many have asked if he is wearing a wig.

Rachel revealed that Adam's hair grew so quickly that she now has to tie it up into a 'man bun'.

The mom of three explained that whenever she takes her son out in public, strangers often fawn over his full head of hair.

They even quiz her on what 'vitamins' she took during her pregnancy and whether the hair is real.


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Rachel said: "Everywhere we go people are just like, "She's got such beautiful long hair, don't ever cut it. Let it grow out." 

"And I'm like, "It's a boy." Everyone thinks that because of his hair he's a girl.

"Then I get questions like, "Was he born with that much hair? What did you do when you were pregnant with him? Did you take any vitamins?""

She added that people often ask her if Adam's wearing a 'wig' to which she sarcastically replies, 'Yes, I put a wig on my baby,' and then clarifies 'of course not'. 

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And while she loves her son's mane, she emphasized she isn't used to the attention from strangers who can't help but stare at her infant's head. 

Rachel added that not all of her children were as lucky as Adam, she revealed that her daughter Kathryn, two, was born completely bald and didn't grow any hair until she was one.  

"When he was born he came out with a full head of hair and everybody was like, 'Oh my gosh, I’ve never seen a baby with so much hair.'

"Everyone was really surprised but all my friends and family were like, "It’s beautiful, but he’ll lose it, and then it will come back differently,"'" she said. 

But Adam's hair never stopped growing, it got longer and longer and by the time he was 'three months old' the mom was pulling his locks up into a ponytail. 

'We do a man bun every day just to keep it out of his face and eyes.

"Now, I've had to trim his bangs and around his face a few times because he can't see as it covers his face,' she said. 

Despite everyone being attached to Adam's hair and begging Rachel to 'never cut it,' the mum has announced she will be giving him a haircut when he turns one.

However, Rachel calmed fears as she noted Adam would just be getting a 'trim' and that his long hair 'suits him'.  

she added: "We all love and embrace his hair. Usually, with my older son, I cut it. 

"His dad is in the military so it always has to be super short and cut and with my older son we've cut his hair too. But with him, I think it's his look.  

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"I think we're going to trim it up and keep it a little bit nicer looking when he turns one. But we're going to keep the long hair look, I think it suits him.

"It makes him unique, it's his thing."

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