I’m a mum & struggled with my babies being constipated – a quick foot massage is all you need to get things moving | The Sun

A MUM has revealed the simple solution to getting your baby to poop if they appear constipated.

Cheyenne Frazier, from the US, revealed the clever trick on TikTok.

The mum-of-two revealed that she had used the technique on both of her children, and that it worked each time.

While Cheyenne isn't an expert she did want to share the hack with other mums in case it helped them.

And the best part is that it's totally free.

She said: "Mums of babies, newborns especially, if you have a baby that is not pooping.


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"I don't know why this works, I'm not a doctor – I just know it worked for me and my babies."

She reveals that a simple foot massage can be the answer to releasing little ones of constipation.

She demonstrates this on her newborn, by rubbing both feet with her hands.

She takes the middle of the foot and rubs it left to right, then she rubs the heel of the foot in a circular motion.

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Then she rubs the toes in an upwards direction, doing each massage for a few seconds.

Chayenne revealed that within two hours of doing the massage her babies have pooped.

Many parents came to the comment section to tell Chayenne they tried it on their newborns, and claimed it worked.

One wrote: "My baby hadn’t pooped in 2 days, this came across my fyp and she pooped within 2 hours."

"Every time I’ve ever done this, my baby poops within 30 mins," another mum commented.

A third penned: "Omg! I just did this because my baby hadn’t pooped in a week, and she just let a good one out."

Healthline revealed foot reflexology can help children who are constipated but to speak to a doctor before trying it out.

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