I'm a plastic surgeon & create the perfect dimples for clients – but trolls say they look like massive holes | The Sun

WITH advanced technology, attaining the face of your dreams has never been easier.

And now, those who desperately want to have dimples, can also achieve the adorable feature in almost no time.

The procedure, known as dimpleplasty, involves making a small incision on the inside of your cheeks.

One of the plastic surgeons performing this is Dr. Kun Z. Kim, from Atlanta, the US, who also shares the Before and After shots on his Instagram page.

Though the beauty whizz, according to the professional social media page, specialises in multiple procedures, such as facial lipo, Botox and rhinoplasty, it's the dimpleplasty results that have taken the internet by storm.

In one such clip, the whizz had shared what one of his clients looked like before and after the appointment, which takes around 20 minutes.

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Smiling for the camera, the young woman had two small marks left where the doctor would then make the incisions.

But although she was still pulling a smile in the After shot, viewers were convinced she most certainly not happy with the results.

''She has a look of regret,'' wrote one person, whilst a second said she was ''beautiful'' before.

Not only did others point out that the new dimples were uneven, but they also didn't look natural and resembled two massive holes in her face.

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''They look too deep, hopefully they loosen up ALOT [sic],'' read one of the many negative comments.

Dubbing it the ''dumbest s**t ever'', eagle-eyed social media viewers also wondered how the dimples would look once the people stopped smiling.

''Do they go away after smiling like real dimples or they just continue to look like craters?'' asked a TikTok user.

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However, whilst his work was slammed online, with viewers comparing the fake dimples to ''craters'', the plastic surgeon explained that the small cuts will look less prominent after a few months.

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''The dimples will look very apparent and prominent for about 2-4 months.

''The dimples will eventually look natural over a course period of time,'' he explained on his website.

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