I’m a plus-size fashion pro – 3 tips which will change your life, including why loose clothing doesn’t ‘hide your body’ | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE influencer offered three fashion tips that she claims will "change your life."

Kristine is a plus-sized content creator who shares tips and tricks with her 1.6 million TikTok followers.

She shared the video with tips that she said she "swears by".

"Three plus-sized styling tips that will change your life," she said.

"Well, I'm being a bit dramatic but they will help a lot."

She sported a loose, long-sleeved black dress to demonstrate her first tip.

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"Tip #1: loose clothing that is meant to hide your body will never make you look good," she said.

"Instead, aim to accentuate your waist and create balance between your top and bottom half," she explained, throwing on a belt over the dress.

Next, she changed into a simple white shirt and jeans.

"Tip #2: a lot of tops come with square hems that do nothing for your body," she said.

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"Instead, opt for a curved hem that still shows your shape and your hips while concealing the tummy area."

Next, she changed into a striped top and fitted floral pants.

"Tip #3: Embrace pattern play," she said.

"Prints actually trick the eye and make it about your full look."

Her followers took to the comments to thank her for the advice.

"And I'm shaped like SpongeBob so that square hem hit me like bricks," joked one commenter.

"This is actually factsss," said another.

"Thank you for these useful tips, I always try to hide my tummy but I guess I am doing it all wrong!" said a third.

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