I’m a professional hairdresser & here's why leaving your hair to ‘dry naturally’ can be more damaging than a hairdryer

A HAIR professional has revealed how leaving your hair to dry could potentially cause more damage than drying your hair with a hairdryer.

If, like us, you're guilty of leaving your hair to sort itself out after a wash – either because you want to give it a break from heat or simply can't be bothered to go to the effort of drying it – you might want to think again.

A hairdresser, known as Nerija on TikTok, has shared why using a hairdryer can actually be better for your locks in a video she posted to social media.

She reveals that leaving it to dry naturally or "air drying" your hair can actually lead to "more damage" and cause "breakage", as well as split ends.

In the clip, the hair expert reveals: "Did you know that air drying your hair can lead to more damage like breakage and split ends? Yes, you heard it right."

"That's because when hair comes in contact with water it swells," she explains.

"The longer the swelling process goes on, the more pressure it puts on the delicate proteins keeping your hair intact, which can then lead to more damage."

Advising hair lovers on how best to dry their hair, the professional adds: "My recommendation would be to wait until your hair is about 70-80 per cent dry, before powering up your blow dryer.

"Don't forget to use a heat protector."

If you're wanting to speed up the process, she advises also using a microfibre towel on your tresses, as it helps to "absorb" most of the water.

The revelation came as a surprise to others, with one hair lover admitting they were confused as they commented on her post: "Soooo heat to your hair is better? Ugh I'm confused."

Insisting that heat can still be bad for your hair if used too much, the professional responded in the comments and explained: "Many are overusing heat tools and are not using any protection and that can easily lead to hair damage."

"I always do the air dry. Only using blow dry if I'm going to style it," another viewer confessed.

A third person revealed they had tried and tested the hair pro's method, adding: "When I discovered this too!! It's mind blowing."

One more revealed: "I stopped blow drying my hair seven years ago and I feel like it's never been in worse shape than now."

Another was left shocked, as they posted: "WHAT. AND I'M HEARING THIS NOW."

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