I’m a professional organiser – the four rules you MUST follow when tidying your house and how to organise and save money

GETTING organised can seem daunting at first, but there are some simple and stress-free ways to get your home in check.

There's no need for a grand plan either because according to professional organiser and mum-of-four Allison, the best way to get the job done is by starting small.

In fact, the organised mum, who shares her tips on TikTok,swears by four basic rules for a tidy home and the first step is simple.

Four rules of organising

Don’t organise what you can declutter she said.Instead, declutter your mess and keep things simple.

"Save space for the stuff that you really love, use and need," she explains.

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"Try to start small. One drawer, one corner etc. Take the momentum from that to start the next spot."

In one video, Allison explained that many of us are "clutter blind." That means we don't always realise just how much there is.

To help solve this problem, Allison recommends taking a picture of the space you think needs work, which can help you see things differently.

"Physical clutter creates mental clutter," she said in a video on TikTok.

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"By taking a picture we can capture a moment in time and can often see things through a different lens."

Next, Allison stressed that pretty storage bins and or handy baskets won't get you organised, but admits they will certainly will help.

"A friendly reminder to declutter first! Then u can get cute baskets," she revealed as her second handy tip.

Bins and baskets create structure in your drawers and cupboards which helps to contain what you have.

But don't get sucked into shopping up a storm, because if you declutter first, you might not need much storage after all.

Physical clutter creates mental clutter.

This ties nicely into Allison's third tip which is to make do with what you have.

The mum-of-four doesn't believe you have to spend loads of money to get organised, you just need to start.

Finally, the professional organiser says to stop buying things you don't need, which will eliminate the need to declutter regularly.

The more you have the more mess there is and the harder it'll be to keep things organised.

Instead, buy only what you need and know you'll use often, and when you find your drawers are piling up, it's time to declutter.

Save money by organising

Not only can being organised save you time, but according to Allison, it can save you money too.

In one video, the mum-of-four said having a system for what you have means you won't be buying extra.

That's because everything has a home so you'll easily see what's there.

This is particularly true for your fridge and pantry items. If your pantry is organised with labels and tubs, it's harder for items to hide.

Having an organised pantry and fridge also prevents food waste.

By knowing exactly what you have and when it was opened, you'll be able to use it up before its expiry.

Finally, after you declutter and organise what you're left with, Allison says you'll end up appreciating the empty space you've created.

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"[You'll] become more conscious of what you buy and less superfluous items in your home," she said.

"You don't have to fill every inch of your home."

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