I’m a size 18 with big boobs & tried the ‘twist’ crop top challenge – I was surprised by the results | The Sun

ONE plus-size woman has tried a viral crop top challenge that surprised her with how good she looked.

The large-busted woman appeased online audiences by showing off how well a style hack looked on her curvy shape.

Fashion content creator Ms. Kristine boasts over one million followers on TikTok who flock to her account, @trendycurvy,for curvy fashion and shopping advice.

A certified "curvy girl living in a trendy world", Ms. Kristine helps fill a gap in the market for fuller-bust and plus-size representation by showing viewers the latest style trends and fashion hacks on her body shape.

In one popular video, she tries out the twisted crop top challenge that has been making waves online to see if women with fuller breasts can still pull off the look nicely.

She gives viewers a step-by-step look into how she turns a basic T-shirt into a crop top.


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The digital creator begins the video by briefly dueting the video that inspired her to try out the trendy trick before saying that it seemed "fairly easy to do."

Ms. Kristine goes into proper detail with each step of the process, making sure she is transparent with her online audience.

"You first start by untucking one side," she says. "Then, you take the bottom over the top."

The tricky part is finding the sleeve to slip your arm through before the look comes to life.

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The fashion lover definitely was a fan of the overall vibe, shown by her positive remarks and body language.

What makes the style tip so cute on her is that the front twist also provides an open back that has its own twist detail at the top.

She makes a point to mention in the video that she doesn't know if that part of the crop feature is right but she likes it anyway and could just pin it closed at the bottom.

"Overall though, this is really cute," she declares as the video comes to a close.

Her outfit inspiration video definitely did inspire viewers with many running to the comment section to voice their feelings about the crop top hack.

"Oof definitely do this with a shirt that's got a decent amount of stretch, that way the chance of ripping is minimal lol," one viewer commented.

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"My brain is still not comprehending this, but it does look super cute," another shared.

"Yesssss I do my shirts like this all the time and you just have to adjust the back down a little kind of how you adjust the front if that makes sense," another added.

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