I'm a size 5XL and got a mega SHEIN haul – you can wear skimpy shorts and bra tops if you're plus-size | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE TikToker has shared her SHEIN fashion haul, including a number of short shorts and crop tops.

TikToker Nimmie Amee, says that she’s usually a size 5XL and ordered a mega haul from SHEIN’s plus-size range, joking that they’re the “Ceo of cute and comfy.”

“This is a plus-size haul for a plus-size girl," she begins her videos, before showing off a number of her purchases.

The first item she tries on is a strapless bra top and shorts pyjama set, which Nimmie says are really comfortable, and have a lot of stretch so are perfect for anyone who needs this.

Next she tries on a hat, adding that this is also super comfy.

Nimmie’s third item is another crop top and shorts pyjama set, this time with straps on the top.

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Trying this on she says that she is wearing it with a bra, but that it would likely give enough support and be comfortable even without this. 

She adds that the bottoms have a little bit of stretch and won’t be super tight, but aren’t quite as stretchy as the previous pair.

Nimmie then tries a third crop top, which she says is “kinda weird”, adding, “I kinda like it, but I don’t really like it at the same time.

“There’s not much fabric on the front, and I just have a lot of stuff on the front that I kinda have to look out for. I think if I wore a bra it might work better.”

The next crop top and shorts combo, she says are perfect for the summer heat, and like the majority of the others are also quite comfy.

In a second video she continues her haul, however in this clip she shares some of the items that didn’t quite fit right.

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The first of these being a pair or shorts, which she says “are giant on me, and I’m pretty giant as I am anyhow”, adding that she probably should have ordered these as a 4 or 3XL rather than 5XL.

She also ordered a red and black plaid skirt and a black bra top, both of which she says are way too small.

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