I'm a stay-at-home wife – people ask if I get bored all day but I just take my husband's credit card and go shopping | The Sun

A STAY-AT-HOME wife has hit back at people who repeatedly ask questions about her lifestyle.

Brittany Lima (@_brittanylima) tied the knot in a lavish wedding at Royalton Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic in 2017. 

She has since racked up over 200,000 followers on TikTok with posts sharing her glamorous life as a self-proclaimed “trophy wife.”

Brittany went makeup-free and donned a purple co-ord for a video responding to questions that she was fed up with being asked.

“Things I get asked as a stay-at-home wife,” read the text over the video.

"What do you do all day, don’t you get bored?" is one common question.

Her answer was perfectly sassy: “No, I take my husband’s card and go shopping."

“Didn’t you ever have a dream job?" others have asked her.

“Yes, my dream job is no job," she replied succinctly.

Others have wondered if she's busy doting on her man, asking: “So you must cook every day for your husband?"

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“No I let him starve," she replied jokingly.

Brittany kept a straight-faced expression throughout the video and ended it by putting her middle fingers up to the camera.

“Yes I know, I am the perfect wife," she captioned the post, adding the hashtags #trophywifelife, #itsajokekinda, and #stayathomewife.

The video came amid fashion and beauty posts on TikTok, while she also posted glamorous trips and meals out on Instagram.

Commenters were divided over Brittany’s post and shared their own thoughts on a woman’s role in marriage.

“I have resources and I’m not about these types," wrote one.

"Even children go to daycare five days a week, so the mother can work, you do nothing and have no children."

“From a guy’s perspective: not attractive to have a girl that doesn’t want to work… no matter how well I can provide for the both of us,” a second commented.

“Good for you!!! If you’re both happy, that’s all that matters,” another argued.

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“Yes queen! Stay-at-home dog mom here. Hubby says he makes more than enough for the both of us. 17 years strong! Not a boring day here,” a fourth said.

“Don’t understand why Karens are attacking you at all, but I think you are amazing! Don’t listen to haters,” another added. 

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