I'm a wedding pro & here are the trends that are going to age terribly – but there's one that'll stand the test of time | The Sun

THERE'S a lot of thought that goes into planning a wedding an thousands of little details that most people wont even notice.

But if you want your wedding snaps to look timeless when you show them to your grand kids, there are some trends you should ditch.

Wedding expert Mila shared some of the trends that are on the way out, explaining that they might look good now but wont in years to come.

Of course, if you love a trend and want to incorporate it into your big day regardless – go for it!

Mila said: "I work full time in fashion and part of my job requires me to do a lot of trend research, so I see first hand how fast trends rise in the industry and how quickly they die."

Pearl everything

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If you've been to a wedding recently, you've probably noticed a lot of pearls.

Whether they're on headbands, dresses, veils, decorations or even in the flowers – they're everywhere.

"I personally love it, I rate it a 10 out of 10," Mila said, adding that "I do think it's going to carry on into 2023 but I do anticipate it to die down towards the end of the year."

The short veil

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More and more brides and opting for a cute, short veil rather than a massive Megan Markle style one that goes on for miles.

"I think this is just starting to really become a trend," the expert said, explaining that celebs like Ariana Grande have gone for a shorter veil for their big days.

She added: "I think we're going to see a lot of it this summer wedding season, weather it's to your bridal shower, your bachelorette or even your wedding."

"I think short veils are all the range and will 100 percent carry into 2023."

The classic trend will probably always look timeless, since they've been popular in previous decades too.

Champagne towers

The boozy trend is on the way out according to the wedding expert, she says that most couples only do it for the photo anyway.

Not only that but it's a lot more messy than you might anticipate.

Mila said: "I think we're going to see a lot less people do this and if they do it i think they'll do it privately or at some kind of bridal even like an engagement party or bridal shower."

Fun fact napkins

fan fact cocktail napkins are a good way to make your day feel more personal.

Mila explained: "I've been to a ton of weddings were I've just been a plus one so I don't always know a ton about the couple before attending the wedding.

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"So I think it's cute as a guest to be able to read these fun facts, and they photograph super well."

However the pro reckons the trend is on the way out and more people are going to go for custom linen napkins instead.

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