I’m a Wetherspoons worker and there’s a meal on the menu that’s best by a mile – don’t bother ordering anything else | The Sun

WETHERSPOONS is known for its cheap and comforting meals.

But a worker has revealed the one menu choice she thinks is the best by a mile.

TikTok user @bigmacnew said their Chicken Tikka Masala is her go-to recommended dish.

She said: “Fans ask what is my favourite and this is it.

“Large Tikka Masala, lots of coriander.

“Bits on the side, the garlic naan, nicest meal hands down.”

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In the video caption, she added: “The coriander just makes it.”

She explained that she was currently taking a month off work to travel and said she “missed it like she missed an ex.”

Her video has racked up thousands of views, and many people agreed with her.

One wrote: “It looks leng.”

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Another added: “That looks yum.”

And a third commented: “Nice curry.”

The Wetherspoons worker replied in the comments saying: “Best curry in the UK no.”

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It’s estimated that the pub chain, known for it’s cheap drinks, employs up to 43,000 people across the UK.

According to its websites it boasts almost 900 pubs in towns and cities across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, having opened it’s first establishment in 1979.

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