I’m a woman in the military – people are obsessed with my transformations in & out of uniform | The Sun

A MILITARY woman has shown how she effortlessly puts herself together in the morning, and she looked great doing it.

Taking to social media, Las Vegas-based "Latina creator" Yvette Hernandez showed people her transformation from being in her lounge clothes to her military attire.

"A little good morning transition," Hernandez wrote in a TikTok video.

She stood before a mirror in what appeared to be a matching pajama set, with her face completely bare and brunette locks flowing.

She then cut to a clip of herself in her green camouflage military uniform.

Her hair was perfectly slicked back, and she had on hints of makeup, with pink lips a part of her look.

Hernandez gave off a sassy nature as she mouthed along to the words of a crossover between a Nicki Minaj and Doja Cat song.

Some people in the comments section of her video were obsessed with the effortless switch-up.

"Love the transformation," one person wrote.

Previously, a nurse showed how she looks when she's off duty, and social media users are loving it.

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In a series of photos, first Shenneria Cherise showed viewers what she looks like in her work attire.

It was the standard nurse uniform – blue scrubs, Crocs, and a jacket to keep the cold at bay.

Shenneria then showed off her amazing out-of-work looks, one of which included a white collared shirt that revealed some cleavage, paired with distressed tights and shiny platform boots.

A silver chain choker and black purse finished off the look.

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