I’m an embalmer… what we do with the bodies and why we have to shave them before they are funeral ready

ARE dead bodies washed when they arrive at the mortuary?

That's just one of the many questions embalmer and funeral director Eileen Hollis is frequently asked.

Eileen is one of the numerous young women who work in the death care industry, who have been sharing secrets of their business on TikTok in what's been labelled a "Death Tok" trend.

In one of her videos, Eileen was asked what she does to clean a body when it arrives at her funeral home.

"It’s important to note that funeral directors do was your entire body," she explained.

"At mortuary school, we’re taught to wash your body three times – once at the very beginning, second time during the actual embalming when we’re injecting, and third time at the end of the process so you’re all squeaky clean."

In fact, as well as getting rid of any nasty smells or marks, the cleaning process also helps "the embalming chemicals distribute throughout your body".

In the second part of the question, Eileen was asked what she does if someone has a lot of facial hair when they pass away.

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"In terms of facial hair, yes I will clean it up," she said. "I don’t really pluck eyebrows, just because I don’t want to create any more redness or blemishes. 

"But even if you don’t have a lick of facial hair, I will actually go through and shave your face, because it just makes the application of make-up go on a little smoother and it doesn’t cake on as much."

However, if you were someone who had chin hairs, Eileen would check with your family as to whether or not they wanted them to be removed.

"Because honestly, chin hairs are sometimes like a part of grandma’s identity," she smiled.

Another video saw Eileen answer a question about whether or not she has ever given a dead body a haircut.

She replied that while she has given a few haircuts to the deceased, sometimes their family will bring in their own hair stylist, who looked after the dead person's hair for years.

"I love that, because honestly, who knows your hair better?" she said.

She added that the same applies for nail technicians, explaining that "if you want to bring your own nail technician in, go ahead!

"I want you to leave this earth with drop dead gorgeous hair and stunning nails!"

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