I’m an interior designer and there are loads of things which make your house look tacky – Boob Lights are the worst

AN INTERIORS expert shared her top tips to stop your home from looking cheap, and it's bad news if you've got a "boob light" hanging from your ceiling.

Interior designer Kristen McGowan talked viewers through the classic tacky pitfalls to avoid at all costs.

The expert posted the video on her YouTube channel where she has more than 1.3 million followers.

Kristen said: "If you have boob lights round you home it's giving off a cheap vibe.

"Builders put them in all the time, it's an affordable light fixture – practical, all of those things.


"Does it give off a high end look? No. Boob lights give off this dated 80s or 90s look. It's just out, it's not in at all."

The pro suggested exchanging the light fittings for something a bit more modern.

Next up Kristen explained that exposed cables could be tripping you up.

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"If you have a mounted TV with a bunch of cords hanging down, if your desk has a million cords hanging down from it – your space is looking cheap."

She suggested cord concealers that you can run over your wall and paint to blend in the pesky electronics.

For her next tip, Kristen said: "I love Ikea and I'm always looking for amazing pieces from there, but one mistake you could be making is getting too many things from Ikea."

She added: "If everything is from Ikea, your home is going to look cheap. It's going to look like the Ikea show room."

The interior designed suggested mixing the Ikea items in with other furniture pieces from other stores to make your room look more high end.

She added: "The same thing goes for matching furniture sets. Your home is going to look cheap.

"The way to get a designer high end look is to mix furniture pieces. Mix colour, texture, patterns and create a very diverse unique and structured look to your space."

Next up Kristen advised against generic art work and prints.

She said: "Sometimes wall art can be the reason your space looks cheap.

"If you are picking these very typical pieces from Ikea that we've all seen that we all know come from there, it's instantly making your space a little less high end."

Kristen then explained that you could be making your bedroom look tacky by having your bed tucked in the corner.

She said: "If your bed is pushed up against the wall in a corner, for some reason, that's just giving off a cheap dorm room vibe."

Finally, the interiors expert explained that leaving your shoes by the door was a bad idea.

She said: "Something that's instantly just making your home look cheap right when you walk through the door is your messy cluttered shoe rack.

"Shoe racks – there's something that is not high end about them."

She suggested closed storage to conceal the feral footwear rather than leaving them in a dreaded pile in the hall.

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