I’m cleaning whizz and have an easy way to keep my entire house smelling amazing – I even use it in my car too | The Sun

THERE'S nothing worse than a smelly house.

But if you've got kids and pets running around the smells can be hard to keep on top of.

One cleaning whizz found the perfect way to banish grim odours, and it's so good she even uses it in her car too.

Mum-of-two Emily, from Leicestershire, explained how she keeps her home smelling fresh for days with a homemade spray.

To make the spray, first clean out an old spray bottle and add some lukewarm water.

Then pour in a measure of fabric softener – you can pick whichever scent you like best.


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Emily also adds a shot of vodka "to keep the mixture fresh and minimise residue," as well as a tablespoon of baking soda for absorbing nasty smells.

Give the bottle a good shake to make sure everything is mixed together and then spray it wherever there's a lot of traffic in your home.

The keen cleaner uses the spray on her carpets, curtains, throws, sofa, fake plants and even her car seats.

"It really does make the whole house smell divine," she captioned the clip.

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Fellow cleaning fans loved the homemade spray and couldn't wait to try it for themselves.

"Ooo I bet that smells amazing," oneperson commented.

A second said: "I used to this and completely forgot about it – will start it up again!"

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