I’m interiors obsessed & know four things that scream tacky – Tom Ford’s coffee table book is desperate to begin with | The Sun

AN INTERIORS fan has listed the four things that instantly make for a tacky home – do you have any of these?

We all want our homes to look cosy and welcoming, but with so many things to choose from, how can you possibly pick the right one?

Offering a helping hand to those looking to transform their properties, one interiors whizz has revealed the common mistakes to steer clear of.

And if you own the Tom Ford coffee table book, best keep reading…

Sharing the biggest interior no-nos, Davis Burleson (@davisburleson), from the US, explained why the pricey number isn't a worthwhile investment.

''The Tom Ford coffee table book – it screams 'I promise, I have money!','' he chuckled in the now-viral video.

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''I don't know, I hate it.''

The same goes for another high-end designer purchase – the Prada Marfa canvas, which some may reckon will give their homes a more glam look.

But for Davis, who's amassed close to 510k followers on TikTok, the popular canvas is quite tacky.

''I hate these Prada portrait canvas things. It's not art – it's an ad,'' he insisted.

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Those who live and breathe all things interior will now that over the years LED signs have become all the rage, whether that's an adorable heart or a raimbow.

But one place you will certainly not see this hot trend is Davis' room.

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''Your home is not an arcade,'' he said, adding that the popular sunset light is an exception.

In terms of flowers, the interiors fan advised to avoid wasting your money on boxed roses.

''I think these are cute and a really nice gesture.

''However, this should not be the centre of your coffee table for the year.

''You get like a month, okay,'' Davis noted.

Since being uploaded, the clip has taken the video-sharing platform by storm, racking up a whopping 1.2million views andhundreds of comments.

And it seems that for the most part fellow social media users agreed with Davis' opinion, with one writing: ''Yes to all of this.''

Another chuckled: ''points were made.''

''Only facts were stated,'' a third penned.

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''My neon sign is fire and creates the best vibes,'' someone else hit back.

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