I'm mom to six kids – everyone told me pregnancy would ruin my body but I’m hotter than ever | The Sun

HAVING six kids is a tremendous physical feat, so most people don't expect their bodies to look the same afterward.

One mom was proud to show off her post-baby body, even though it looks different – in fact, the mom claims she's hotter than ever.

Proud parent Linda Luevano adores her six children. The 28-year-old gave birth to her youngest, a son, in early 2021.

But you wouldn't know it by looking at her. Luevano posted a TikTok about others' expectations of post-birth bodies.

Before she had kids, Luevano was constantly told that motherhood would destroy her figure.

"Having six kids will ruin your body," she wrote in the video's caption, quoting her critics. "You will see."

But the actual footage on-screen showed Luevano flexing in a pair of high-waisted leggings, lifting her shirt to expose her ab muscles.

She cheekily quipped back to the warning she'd received in the video's description. "Did it?!" Luevano wrote.

In another video, she smiled, smirked, and strutted in front of a mirror, showing off her glutes and tiny waist.

"How you birth six and look like that?" read the caption.

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Luevano didn't provide an answer.

She just winked and grinned at her viewers, who were eager to compliment her "mom body."

One was shocked to hear Luevano had so many children. "Doesn't even look like it," he wrote.

Another decided to get flirty. "Want six more?" he asked.

"You're amazing," a third person wrote, and Luevano was very pleased to have impressed him.

"Appreciate you," she wrote back, touched by the kind words.

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