I’m over 50 – trolls call me an ‘older woman’ and say I’m ‘obsessed with my looks’ but I don’t care | The Sun

A TROLL who attempted to take down a content producer has picked on the wrong woman this time.

He may have set out to diminish her, but this feisty woman has come back to him firing from both barrels.

TikToker Gladys (@cebuanaintx) is a glamorous woman in her fifties with a following of over 217,000.

She is part of a new movement of women that insists you can be over 50 and still be gorgeous and sexy – it is not the preserve of lithe young women.

They are proof that the days when a woman in her fifties opted for beige comfortable trousers and a baggy sweater are long gone.

At least it is for Gladys, and her platform is dedicated to this message.

But she has had some detractors, who have been determined to take her down.

One nasty troll made an unkind comment to one of her videos and Gladys shared it with her followers.

In her post, she captioned his opinion across the screen: “So sick of older women obsessed with their looks," it said. "Find a life. No one cares.”

Gladys’s sassy retort to this keyboard warrior was a class act.

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She proved to her troll that his words had not touched her and she came back fighting.

The Filipina beauty dressed according to type, wearing a tight yellow vest top and figure-hugging grey leggings, and she held a drink nonchalantly in her hand as she said: “I don’t care about you.”

It took guts to take on an anonymous hater, but she did it with panache.

“I don’t care about you,” she said to the troll. “I’ve had a lot of people try to tear me down, but I’m still here.

Pity was all she felt for her detractor: “Jealously does not have a cure. Can’t bring me down.”

Comments to her post were overwhelmingly supportive and affirmative and despaired of the body haters.

“You look amazingly beautiful. So who cares what the haters think,” was a comment typical of many.

“They are jealous You are absolutely amazingly beautiful,” said another.

“Simply gorgeous. They can’t handle it because they don’t look that good,” was the view of this fan.

Ignore the haters said this follower: “Sad excuse for a man. What a waste of space. Keep rocking girlie. Don’t let anyone steal your spirit, ever.”

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Her viewers loved all of Gladys: “You show them. I love a confident woman.”

Finally: “They are idiots. They don’t like themselves so they feel the need to put beautiful people down. So sad for them.”

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