I’m plus size but don’t have much of a bum so I tried the viral BBL shorts and was amazed at the results | The Sun

EVERYBODY wants their butt to look good.

Sometimes you just need that perfect garment to help bring out your bubble butt.

Mama Jill is a plus size lifestyle and fashion influencer online.

In a recent video she tested a pair of Amazon BBL shorts. 

Jill said: “Y’all convinced me to try the crunch BBL shorts with a pattern, I’m doing it.” 

She said: “These are from Amazon and they are a size XL.”

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The workout biker shorts are seamless, high waisted and provide tummy control slimming, Amazon are selling them for £20.

Jill made it clear she was hoping to fine something that would make her butt look good.

She said: “As you know I don’t have much junk in the trunk so I’m trying to show things that make it look good.”

First Jill showed viewers what her but looked like before trying the BBL shorts.

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Jill said: “Let’s do a little before.” 

Then Jill showed what she looked like with the BBL shorts on.

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Jill was very impressed.

She said: “You can tell me it doesn’t look good but then you would be lying.”

Jill noted the shorts help to suck you in as well.

She said: “It also cinches you in.”

Jill was surprised as she didn’t expect to like the shorts with a pattern.

She said: “I did not think I would like the shorts with the pattern but honestly I think I like them better than the plain.” 

Jill said: “If you don’t have much back there you take what you can get.”

Jill’s video went viral with over 2 million views.

Viewers were flocking to buy the BBL shorts

One commenter said: “Imma need a pair!”

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A second commenter said: “Purchased!! Can’t wait to try them!”

Another commenter said: “They look great on you!!”

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