I’m proof you should wait to get tattoos and piercings… I regret so many of mine at 20 it’s going to take £3k to sort | The Sun

WHILE getting tattoos and piercings can be fun, it isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. 

One woman on TikTok knows this all too well and urged her followers to consider it properly after regretting her own decisions. 

Social media user Joyce Anne (@christinecadaver) admitted to “binging” on tattoos and piercings but now wants to get rid of some of them. 

She warned viewers of her latest clip to wait until they were older before taking the plunge into permanent ink. 

Joyce wrote over the top of the video: “Maybe wait on modifying your body until your frontal lobe is at least semi-developed.

“I’ve spent the last three years completely bingeing tattoos and piercings and I now have a completely different taste in tattoos and I have completely different career goals for myself.”

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The 20-year-old went on to add how much it would be costing her to get rid of the now-unwanted inkings and piercings. 

Joyce continued: “I now have to pay $3,200 (£2,632) to remove my knuckle tattoos and at least $2,000 (£1,645) to sew my ½ stretched ears shut – at 20 years old.”

Many sympathised with her in the comments and praised the “extremely good advice.”

One viewer who agreed said: “Yep!! As a (happily) heavily tattooed teacher, I am SO glad I waited until I was in my 20s to really get into tattoos & I could afford quality work.”

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“THIS!!! spent my teen years getting tattoos, spending my adult years covering them up,” someone weighed in. 

Extremely good advice. Hair Dye is temporary, tattoos and piercings are forever,” added another. 

However, others also reassured Joyce that her tattoos clearly meant something at the time and not to dwell on the inkings. 

One commented: “I worry about this then remember all my tattoos reflect who I was during a certain point in my life and I take pride in that.”

“I disagree because even if I no longer like the tattoos, they meant something to me at some point in my life,” a viewer shared.

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Another echoed: “I totally get what you’re saying but at the same time I think tattoos are a great form of self expression and also can be culturally important!!”

In a previous video, Joyce has shown off her range of tattoos to her followers. 

Her tattoos are mainly on her torso, but has a selection on her arms and knuckles. 

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She has her shoulders tattooed with a big floral piece including lilies and chrysanthemums. 

Her knuckles read the words “hell bent”, and she admitted to not taking care of them. 

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