I’m spending £15k on my kids this Christmas – they get bullied because of me so they deserve it

SHE previously earned the title of ‘Britain’s most hated woman’, but Carla Bellucci seems determined to re-crowned Britain’s best mum this Christmas.

Model and influencer Carla Bellucci, 40, from Hitchin, Herts., says she plans to spend no less than £15,000 on her children this December.

Carla, who was already mum to Tanisha, 15, and Jayden, 13, and a 19-year-old son, welcomed her fourth child Blue Gianna last month and says that having a newborn in the house has got her even more excited to celebrate.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, she says: “I’m loving being a new mum again. Being that little bit older I’m really appreciating it this time round.

“It’s made me even more excited for Christmas this year, having a young baby in the house just really brings the magic to life and I am going to go to town with celebrations this year.

“I am looking at a budget of at least £15,000.”

Carla says that she has her Only Fans account to thank for her Christmas budget, but it didn’t come easy.

“I’ve worked flat out, none stop,” she says, “I was still posting pics right up until the birth.

“And I was back on it as soon as I was back from the hospital when Blu was born, bringing me in around £5,000 a month, but I can earn up to £1,300 a day.

“I have the money so why not splash the cash?”

And splash it she shall with Carla estimating that she will be spending £2,000 each on her kids’ gifts alone.

She says: “Tanisha can look forward to a pair of Moschino trainers, Jayden has got some Jordans coming his way and the pair of them will find an iPhone 13 under the tree come December 25.

“And even though Blu is just a few weeks old she won’t be missing out as I’ve bought her designer baby clothes and every Vtech toy I can get my hands on.

“I want my little princess to have everything.”

And it isn’t just gifts that Carla’s children can look forward to come Christmas morning, with the mum-of-four planning a grotto that’s enough to leave Santa envious.

“I don’t want to lift a finger on Christmas Day” says Carla.

“I am going to hire professional chefs, and pay someone to do all of my decorating for me – I’m even going to hire elves to answer the door for me.

People might think it’s over the top but these are memories that I will have forever

“I’m only going to have close family over but they can expect to be greeted by a Champagne fountain and carts full of sweets.

“I am trying to get an outdoor cinema dome with a hot chocolate machine is a must – there will be no expense spared.

“People might think it’s over the top but these are memories that I will have forever.”

But while Carla is happy to treat her kids this Christmas, there are plenty who will accuse her of being excessive – but the mum isn’t having any of it.

“To the people that accuse me of spoiling my kids I’d like to remind them that I have been on the other end of things,” she says.

“I spent many Christmases as a single mum and there have been times where I’ve had nothing.

“There were times when I really struggled even to feed my kids so I really want to make this year special now that I can.

“My kids have been through so much over the years what with the trolling I get twinned with me being in the papers, they often get picked on because of me.

“Obviously spending money on them doesn’t make up for that but I do want to give them the Christmas they really deserve.”

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