I'm the world's cheapest woman, I refuse to buy new clothes and get them off dead people instead

A FASHION fan has revealed how she saves thousands on clothes every year by raiding dead people’s wardrobes.

Self-confessed cheapskate Lydia Abate lives at home for free, eats for free and finds her fashion for free thanks to something called funeral tracking.

Speaking on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, Lydia explains: “As I’ve got more savvy I’ve realised I don’t just need to be frugal, I can get things for completely free.

“I’ve been funeral tracking for almost six years.

“Funeral tracking is a way of procuring vintage clothes for free by searching the obituaries in the paper then finding the right moment to approach the family and ask if they would be willing to donate their clothes to me in exchange for clearing them out of their house.”

While approaching grieving families is a sensitive issue, Lydia is often successful as professional services can charge up to $10,000 to handle an estate.

“A lot of people charge a lot of money to go through and catalogue everything in your house and I actually do that for free,” she tells a grieving son, who is more than happy to allow Lydia to raid his mum’s wardrobe.

And Lydia always comes prepared.

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“Tip number one is to be prepared for the possibility of bugs – I always bring gloves,” she says.

Through her funeral tracking efforts, Lydia helps the bereaved and saves herself thousands of dollars on quality vintage pieces.

She adds: “I love everything about saving money on clothes, there is no wrong to saving money on clothes.”

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