I’m too pretty for friends – girls don't like hanging out with me because I'm so much better looking than them

A WOMAN has opened up about her struggle to make friends because of her good looks.

TikTok user Ariana revealed that she is desperate to find a best friend, but her ‘pretty privilege’ has always got in the way.

Ariana admits that she fully expects to be “attacked” for speaking about the downside of being good looking.

Speaking on her video, she said: “Obviously pretty privilege is a thing we know this, we know there’s a lot of pros to that but there’s also a bad side that nobody talks about.”

“I don’t have many girlfriends. It’s something I’ve struggled with for a long time and I’ve never really understood why.

“Girls would always be like ‘oh my gosh, love you so much, you’re so gorgeous, we’re going to hang out, we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do that’ and the time comes around and I always am left out and talked about poorly behind my back.

“It never makes sense because I am always being so kind and so genuine.

“I’m honestly completely confident that it has nothing to do with my personality at all.”

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Ariana explained how during college she would go home every weekend because she had no friends, and would cry to her mum.

Her mum eventually explained that the reason people were reluctant to be friends with her was because “people don’t like not to be the prettiest person in the room” and that she “intimidates people.”

She continued: “That’s not something I think about, b****es are all pretty, I love women.

“I literally cry once a month about how ugly I think I am.”

Ariana explained that eventually she found a group of guys that are now her closest friends, but she is still on the hunt for a female bestie.

“I’m tired of women thinking we’re all in a competition, we’re all beautiful can we just all be friends?” Ariana said.

“People always think pretty people have all the friends, and are just living it up but really we’re just the loneliest people.”

Talking directly to the camera she added: “Girls I want to be you friend – I am looking for supportive women.

“I just want a best friend soulmate, I will go through hell with you and for you – where are you?”

Her video has since received over 2.7 million views, with many other women admitting they’d had a similar experience.

One wrote: “Oh. My. God. I thought I was the only one.”

“This is literally how I feel,” added another, while a third wrote, “She’s right, say it louder.”

However, there were some who disagreed, arguing that there must be other reasons that she’s struggling to make friends.

One commented: “Ur in denial about the other factors keeping you from making girl friends. There’s plenty of pretty girls that don’t experience this.”

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