I’m trolled for doing the school run in my dressing gown and last night’s mascara – go ahead and call social services | The Sun

Doing the morning school run can be a stressful task for parents – but would you judge a mum for turning up in her dressing gown? 

That’s exactly what happened to a mum-of-one, who turned up at the gates sporting her fluffy pyjamas and the previous night’s mascara still on her face. 

TikTok user Paige Reynolds shares her honest account of motherhood to a whopping 20,000 followers and doesn’t hold back when trolls take offence to her lifestyle choices. 

The busy mum shared a video of herself dancing happily in plush sleepwear and a messy mum bun, captioning the clip: “Me knowing I’ll be the mum on the school run in last night’s make-up, wearing my dressing gown.” 

Some parents took the video a bit too seriously, as one troll commented: “Being a bad parent isn’t the flex you think it is.”

In response to the stinging remark, Paige posted another video, telling followers: “If that makes me a bad parent, someone call social services.”

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She added: “I always look like I’ve been hit by someone or something.” 

Other mums came to Paige’s defence, sharing their own experiences of the bleary-eyed school run.

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One supportive parent said: “Mate, I’m completely unrecognisable on the school run.” 

Another stated: “Don’t worry you will not be the first or last to do it.”

But school run confessions aren’t the only thing Paige is trolled about online. The young mum has worked from home to help keep nursery costs down since her little boy was four months old. 


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She admits in one video that she’s proud of herself for juggling a job and childcare, but others don’t agree. 

In another comical clip, Paige performs silly dances while sharing unwelcome comments she’s received about her decision. 

Some trolls say: “You should be focusing on your son, not work.” 

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Others tell her: “You’re so selfish.” 

Paige says she has no money and the government is ripping people off. While many mums agree and support each other through tight spots, others tell her she shouldn’t have children at all. 

The TikTok star has shared trolls’ assumptions about her, including “I bet you have two cars on the drive.”

But it’s not all bad rap for the working mum. Some followers have pointed out that Paige has an uncanny resemblance to Emmerdale character Debbie Dingle. 

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In fact, the women look so alike that Debbie has been Paige’s nickname for years. 

“Absolute twin,” observed one fellow parent, while another joked, “I’ve been trying to put my finger on it for weeks.”

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