Influencer mortified as fans point out very rude object in the background as she posts from her sick bed

SOCIAL media has allowed celebs and influencers to offer their fans a glimpse behind closed doors at any time they choose.

But German realty TV star and social media influencer Kate Merlan accidentally shared a little more than she intended, and fans were quick to pick up on the embarrassing blunder.

In an Instagram Story she was recording for her 72,000 followers, the 34-year-old, who's also a tattoo model, was telling her fans about the cold she was suffering from.

Kate tried to explain how difficult it is to her to wear a face mask while having a cold and also advertised some cosmetic products.

But as she spoke candidly in front of the camera from her bedroom, she accidentally flashed her sex toy collection which was sitting on a chair behind her.

The pastel pink and blue vibrators were hard to miss with many fans pointing out the fact they were in full view.

Some even defended her stash, with one saying: "So what? It's not a crime today if she enjoys it… The most important thing is to have enough batteries."

While some laughed at the honest mistake, few were skeptical.

One person said: "This is not a mistake, now she's back in the game."

It's been reported that Kate herself didn't address the mishap and instead ignored the innocent blunder.

Kate was part of several reality shows in the past including "Get the F*ck out of My house" in 2018 and "Battle of the celebrity couples – the summer residence of the Stars" with her ex-boyfriend and boy band singer Benjamin Boyce in 2019.

Her latest reality show participation was in 'Battle of the reality stars – shipwreck on the dream beach' in 2020.

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