Inside Princess Margaret's affair with a notorious gangster – who was known for his 'penis pint trick

The Princess, who died in 2002, was renowned for her party lifestyle, especially when she was in her holiday home of Mustique.

And, in the 1970s, she reportedly had a fling with London gangster John Bindon – whose party trick was hanging five half-pint beer tankards from his manhood.

The Princess and Bindon reportedly had an intimate relationship in the 1970s, which started when he spent three weeks at her home on the Caribbean island.

According to Bindon’s ex, the Queen’s younger sister even sneaked Bindon into Kensington Palace, according to the gangster's girlfriend at the time.

Talking to the Mirror, Vicki Hodge, the daughter of baronet Sir John Hodge, was with Bindon on the trip and and claims she knew all about the alleged affair.

She said: "John told me he had sex with Princess Margaret the first time he went to Mustique.

"He always told me about his affairs, but he refused to go into details.

"In those days in Mustique, everyone thought nothing of making love on the beach."

Vicki said the princess was attracted to Bindon because he sttod out from her usual crowd.

She said: "John was tall, broad, with an air of menace, coupled with a boyish charisma that rendered him irresistible.

"The princess loved his cockney accent, his rhyming slang and dirty jokes."

The gangster was apparently proud of his manhood and often did party tricks with it, and Vicky claimed mischievous Margaret asked to see it on the beach.

The guests were enjoying lobster, champagne and caviar when Margaet’s close friend Lord Glenconner asked him to reveal his assets.

"He turned to John and said: 'Ma'am knows about your advantage in life and would really like to see it," Vicki said.

He jumped up and was followed by Margaret and a lady-in-waiting, she added, and she examined it “like a fossil".

Margaret always denied any affair with the gangster but numerous reports, including in Craig Brown's recent biography of the princess, claim there was an affair.

Born in Fulham in 1943, Bindon was the son of a London cab driver and spent time in prison fro petty crime as a teen.

He moved into movies after director Ken Loach spotted him in a pub and offered him a role in his 1967 film Poor Cow.

He also appeared in Performance opposite Mick Jagger and in Get Carter with Michael Caine.

But offscreen he was alleged to deal in drugs and have connections with the Kray twins.

He was invited for a three week break in Margaret’s hideaway in Mustique in 1970.

Bindon recalled later: “My accent and Cockney phrases foxed her sometimes. We talked about acting, films and showbiz. I think she liked me because I nattered away quite happily.”

A few years later, however, Bindon was on trial for murder after allegedly killing London gangster John Darke outside a Putney pub in 1978.


He fled to Dublin but returned a year later to stand trial at the Old Bailey, where he was acquitted.

Margaret went on to start a well-publicized romance with Roddy Llewellyn, who was 17 years her junior.

Bindon's film career collapsed and he lived as a recluse in London until his death from an Aids-related illness in 1993.

A recent documentary on BBC1 revealed Margaret's life with a bisexual husband and boozy parties every night.



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