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PRINCE Harry carried out what is thought to have been his final royal engagement this week ahead of starting a new life in Canada.

Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, will now be free to carve out their own careers, away from the constraints of the Palace.

And perhaps by way of setting the tone, Meghan last night posted old pictures of the pair doing good deeds on their joint Sussex Royal Instagram account.

Now that they have ditched the royal court, a glamorous new “court” of advisers, friends and powerful contacts are stepping forward.

KATE JACKSON looks at who will be advising the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, what roles they may play – and what this tells us about what the couple will do next.


SHOULD the couple eventually decide to delve into grassroots politics, they have access to some very powerful friends to help guide them on their way.

Hillary Clinton

AFTER Meghan revealed she was struggling with royal life in November, former US First Lady Hillary, 72, said: “Oh my God, I want to hug her. I want to tell her to hang in there, don’t let those bad guys get you down, do what you think is right.”

Hillary also made a secret visit to their Frogmore Cottage home last year.

ROLE: Political powerhouse. She has connections that can bring the couple’s causes to the global stage.

The Obamas

FORMER President Barack Obama, 58, has been friends with Harry for years and has publicly supported him at an Invictus Games event. Their relationship has even been dubbed a “bromance”.

ROLE: Inspiration. Barack and wife Michelle, 56, have signed a Netflix deal to produce documentaries, which could pave the way for Harry and Meghan to follow. One Netflix executive has already shown some interest.


HARRY has already spoken of how he and Meghan share the same values – and says they will continue to work for causes close to their heart.

Frank Giustra

CANADIAN billionaire, 63, founded film company Lionsgate Entertainment. He denied providing the mansion where Harry and Meghan spent their six-week break.

ROLE: Adviser on using income for charity. He founded The Giustra Foundation, which supports disaster relief and homelessness charities.

The Clooneys

AS showbiz royalty, George, 58, and Amal, 41, once lent the couple their private jet, invited them to their Italian Lake Como home and added A-list glitter to their wedding.

ROLE: Charity collaborators. They have their own Foundation For Justice. Together the foursome would attract huge attention.

Priyanka Chopra

THE 37-year-old Bollywood actress and former Miss World is a passionate campaigner for women’s rights. She became friends with Meghan at a Women In Television event for Elle magazine in 2016.

ROLE: Ally. Meghan has shown a similar interest in speaking out for women’s rights.


HARRY and Meghan are without doubt among the biggest celebrities in the world – and with that global fame comes some mammoth showbiz opportunities. Meghan already has a host of TV and film credits under her belt, most notably her seven seasons in hit US legal drama Suits, and it could be a world she is keen to return to.

Oprah Winfrey

CHAT show legend Oprah, 65, went to the couple’s wedding and is said to be working on an Apple TV series with Harry about mental health. Meghan’s mum Doria Ragland has been seen doing yoga at Oprah’s in California.

ROLE: TV door opener. A source said: “Oprah is a role model for Meghan and she has a contacts book bar none. Make no mistake, Oprah has been opening doors and guiding them.”

Hollywood team

IN September, The Sun reported that Meghan had upset royals by hiring a Hollywood team. It includes agent Nick Collins, far left, who works for Meghan’s former talent agency, business manager Andrew Meyer, top left, and lawyer Rick Genow, left.

ROLE: Fixers. Meghan has sought advice from this team throughout her career. They are said to be handling projects like her children’s book.

Markus Anderson

ONE of Meghan’s closest friends, 42-year-old Markus’s role as director at private members’ club Soho House puts him at the centre of Toronto’s social circle. He is often credited with matchmaking the couple and introduced Meghan to powerful friends such as the Clooneys.

ROLE: Confidant and networker. A source said: “He knows everyone and he’s utterly discreet.”

Beyonce and Jay Z

THE music megastars joined Meghan at the Lion King premiere last year. They also paid tribute to their “queen” in a Brit Awards acceptance speech by standing in front of a portrait of Meghan wearing a crown.

ROLE: Showbiz connections. It is not known how close Harry and Meghan are with pop’s power couple, but they will want to make the most of their extensive network if they can.


NOW they are out of the royal fold, the couple have free rein to craft their own brand – and have hired a formidable team to help them hone their image.

Sara Latham and Izzy May

US-BORN Sara is the couple’s communications secretary and used to work for Hillary Clinton. Izzy is a UK-based private publicist whose clients include David Beckham. She has been described as a “dear” friend to Meghan and her “rock”.

ROLE: Expert publicists. They will help shine a global spotlight on the couple.

Benita Litt

A BRANDING expert with her own agency, former entertainment lawyer Benita is a good friend of Meghan’s. The Duchess is godmother to her daughters Remi and Rylan, who were bridesmaids at the couple’s wedding.

ROLE: Image protector. To advise how a deal will look to the public during this tricky transition period.

Ryan Sax

FOUNDER of digital creative agency Article, which created Meghan’s former lifestyle blog The Tig. Ryan developed the Sussex Royal website, secretly working on it for months.

ROLE: Mouthpiece. The couple will use the net to update the public, as they did over their “stepping back” before reaching agreement with the Queen.

Shawn Sachs

CHIEF executive of crisis PR firm Sunshine Sachs, whose clients have included Michael Jackson and Harvey Weinstein. His team, including Meghan’s friend Keleigh Thomas Morgan, are said to have guided Meghan’s British Vogue guest editorship.

ROLE: Firefighters. Can put out potential storms surrounding the couple and spot opportunities.

David Watkins

THE 26-year-old social media expert has been described as the couple’s “secret weapon”. He runs their SussexRoyal Instagram account, which has amassed 11million followers thanks to its carefully curated selection of candid images.

ROLE: Publicity. The couple will want to connect directly with fans as a way to publicise themselves.

Family & friends

THE Duke and Duchess’s closest family and friends will continue to provide them with a sounding board – as well as vital support in all areas of their life.

Doria Ragland

MEGHAN’S mum, 63, was said to be speaking to her daughter on a daily basis when she first became a member of the Royal Family. With her car crash relationship with her dad still playing out in public, Meghan will need her more than ever. Doria says Meghan will “always be OK”.

ROLE: Meghan’s rock. Her connection to normality.

Abigail Spencer

A FORMER Suits co-star of Meghan’s, Abigail, 38, is a trusted friend she first met at an audition.

She was spotted hiking with Meghan and Harry on Vancouver Island on New Year’s Day and has described Meghan as a “glorious person” who has influenced her “fashion and taste”.

ROLE: Gal pal. She has similar outlook to Meghan.

Katharine McPhee and David Foster

FELLOW actress Katharine, 35, is an old school friend of Meghan’s. She and husband David, 70, a music mogul, found the couple their Canadian hideaway last year. David is a longtime friend of former Canadian PM Brian Mulroney.

ROLE: Facilitators. David has useful connections.

Heather Dorak

MEGHAN met Pilates instructor Heather, who has six studios across LA and Texas, 15 years ago and was one of her first clients. She was a regular contributor to The Tig, and they remain close pals.

ROLE: Fitness friend. Meghan has described Heather’s workouts as, “Hands down the best thing you can do for your body”.

Gayle King

THE 65-year-old American TV presenter went to Meghan’s New York baby shower in February and was among the first to meet Archie. She said their decision to step back was, “Best for them”.

ROLE: Frontline champion. She is vocal in her support and would likely give the couple a soft landing if they want to appear on TV.

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