I’ve been ‘nipple shamed’ by blokes for not wearing a bra – it’s not my problem, it’s no secret I’ve got them

A WOMAN has revealed how she has been trolled and shamed by men for not wearing a bra.

The woman, posted a video to her TikTok account, KokoBeaute, which has already received over 350k views.

Kornelija Slunjski, from Croatia posted the video after receiving comments about her nipples being visible as she chose not to wear a bra.

The incredibly beautiful makeup artist and social media star currently lives in Miami, Florida.

Kornelija is no stranger to this, and as a social media star, she attracts both negative and positive comments.

The video sparked controversy online, and in the video she reveals some of the comments she gets from blokes for not wearing a bra, and exactly how she shuts them down.

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She reenacts some of conversations she has had; "I can see your nipples through your shirt."

"Okay…" she responds.

"You should put a bra on."

"Is it a secret that I have nipples?"

"No, it's just inappropriate."

"It's inappropriate to have nipples?"

"No, its inappropriate to show your nipples."

"I think its more inappropriate to talk about somebody else's nipples."

"We wouldn't have to talk about it if you put a bra on."

"Actually we wouldn't have to talk about if your mindset would grow out of the 1950's."

The comment sections was divided with some shocked by how she has to defend herself and others who though it wasn't classy to show the nips.

One user wrote: "Did I just travel to the 1950's when I opened the comments?"

Another posted in support of Kornelija: "I mean it's just a body part!I don't know why people freak out about the dumbest things. If it bothers you then don't look."

However, there were also plenty of people who disagreed with Kornelija's view point.

One user simply wrote: "Uhhh no. Get some class."

"It's not a secret or inappropriate, it's just zero classy." Replied another user.

A third person commented "Nah save it for the bedroom honey."

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