I've Been Wearing These Latex Adidas x Ivy Park Opera Gloves For a Week, and They've Honestly Changed My Life

Back in September 2021, I decided to ask celebrities about the trends they were most excited to wear in the months ahead. Most of the answers shared were somewhat expected, having to do with seasonal clothing — classic coats, mini skirts, boots. But one response I think about often? Gloves, as suggested by Amelia Hamlin. At the time, I thought it sounded strange, and could only picture myself pulling on a knit black pair, trying to keep my hands warm. But that was before Beyoncé brought red latex opera gloves into my life through the latest Adidas x Ivy Park collaboration, Ivy Heart, which is available to shop now. (Though Bey herself did not gift the gloves to me, I did receive them from the brand to try out.)

Amelia, I promise you — I finally understand.

In recent months, I've noticed that the opera gloves trend has started to spike. They're all over TikTok, and have also been spotted on the arms of style icons like Kim Kardashian and Ava Duvernay. The $90 version from Ivy Heart seemed like the perfect pair to experiment with, especially with Valentine's Day coming up. I've also been trying to dress up more, and incorporating long, glamorous red gloves into my outfit seemed like an easy way to make a variety of looks more fashion-forward.

I will say, opera gloves in general check almost every box when it comes to my personal style. They're whimsical and sort of 'fashion clown,' but at the same time, tie into the Regencycore trend while being extremely sexy. Slipping on this pair, in particular, felt like playing dress up in the best way possible, and when I realized I had a weekend wedding to attend, I decided it would be the perfect occasion to break them out.

I ended up going the extreme route when it came to styling, wearing these statement-making babies with a polka dot set and white boots instead of heels (to keep things from feeling too formal). Part of me worried that the combination of light pink and tomato soup red would come across as too wild and out-there, but in reality, the outfit ended up a hit. The addition of gloves really reminded me that fashion is supposed to be fun, and you can't really go wrong with wearing what you like. They were an instant mood-booster and I quickly fell in love with wearing them.

The day after the wedding, I hung out with my parents and threw a small pizza party with a tablescape setup from Table & Teaspoon. As a comfy-cozy person, I knew I couldn't bring myself to sit around my tiny Brooklyn apartment in a stiff pair of jeans, but the decor seemed too fancy for plain old sweats. Instead, I threw on my feathered Sleeper pajama pants, a black turtleneck, and the opera gloves for extra spice. The addition of this accessory felt luxurious, and wearing gloves while sipping wine gave me serious Bridgerton vibes.

With two gloved outfits under my belt, I now felt an urge to pair them with everything — but I decided I needed to challenge myself. Could I scrunch them up and wear them with the red plaid skirt suit that was hanging in my closet? Yes, I could — and mysteriously, the result was more on the preppy side, reminding me of the '80s movie Heathers. I wore the outfit to an actual Ivy Heart event and had no regrets.

Although these gloves aren't the most practical, and could easily be considered an investment purchase, in my book, they're worth adding to your closet. They've inspired me to experiment with clothes again, and are way more versatile than I originally thought. I have plenty more outfit ideas planned, too — including pairing them with a matching latex tank dress from Ivy Heart drop, which I plan to wear for a future date night.

Ivy Heart is available to shop online at adidas.com and select stores. Prices range from $30 to $300 and sizes goes from XXXS to XXXXL.

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