I've bought a flat by myself thanks to savvy saving & will save £6k this year with easy tips – here's how you can too

IF you've ever bought a property, then you'll know that the months after you move in are always a bit tight money-wise as you get all the necessary work done.

But having purchased a two-bedroom flat in Leeds in 2021, Aimee Wilkinson, 35, is planning on saving a further £6,000 this year – and here's how you can too.

As Leeds Live reports, the marketer – who also makes money as a fashion blogger- has taken the opportunity to study her bills now that she's in a new property.

By switching to PlusNet's fibre £21.99 broadband, Aimee will save £9 a month and £108 over the course of the year.

She explained: "Saving £9 a month might not seem like a lot to some people, but that adds up to over £100 a year. If someone added that on to your bills you’d notice.

“But value to me means small changes that add up. It’s also about getting value from what you pay for. As well as my day job I also run a fashion blog, so having reliable broadband isn’t a choice for me – it’s a necessity."


What's more, Aimee says her dad always stressed the importance of getting a "good deal" and always properly looking into suppliers before committing to them.

She added: "For every service I need or item I buy, I really research the market to death – comparison sites are a great starting point, but I also look for other reviews online, news articles, checking out the company’s social media.

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"I like to make sure I know as much as possible before making a final decision."

And while it can tempting to impulse buy homeware as and when she sees it, Aimee keeps track of her spending by creating a list on her phone.

Not only does this ensure she REALLY wants the item before buying it, Aimee says this gives her time to find discount codes and increases the chances of it going on sale.

On top of this, Aimee is also a pro at selling clothes she doesn't wear anymore on second-hand sites and estimates she makes about £2,160 a year from it.

Breakdown of Aimee’s savings

Plusnet Broadband – saves £9 monthly, £108 yearly

Selling clothing – £180 monthly, £2,160 yearly

Savings by doing DIY – £2,000 this year

Single occupancy bills – £24 monthly, £288 yearly

Cancelling subscriptions – £40 monthly, £480 yearly

Food Shopping – £40 monthly, £480 yearly

Single person council tax discount – £42 monthly, £504 yearly

Total savings this year: £6,020

She added: "I have a pile of stuff that I need to sell on, cleared out from when I was renting. I make almost £200 in a month on re-selling."

Now that she's prioritising redecorating her flat, Aimee will save a further £40 a month by cutting back on groceries and is cancelling any rolling monthly subscriptions she doesn't use anymore to put that £20 to better use.

The blogger reckons she'll save £2,000 this year by doing DIY around the flat – like painting walls and fitting fixtures – and not getting the professionals in.

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