I've got three kids under two & people always ask me how many nappies I get through in one day – it leaves them stunned | The Sun

ANY parent will know just how many nappies a child can get through in one day.

But how many do THREE get through?

Mum Nikki Ruble took to TikTok to reveal how many dirty diapers she changes on a daily basis thanks to having three children under the age of two.

Showing her day, which was full of numerous nappy changes, Nikki went from one or two to an incredible 23 dirty nappies in one day.

"I forgot 2 so the total for today was 25 diapers!" she concluded her video.

"so about a packet of nappies a day," one person commented on the video.

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"I change about 14-16 with only 2 under 2 so I feel ya," another added.

"it’s TOO many diapers!"

"Oooh I found my people I’m going to have have 3 under 2 in April/may time," a third wrote.

As another wrote: "Girl, i have 2 under 2 and I’m telling you, cloth diapers is where it’s at!"

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But Nikki replied: "We did cloth with my first but I don’t know if I want to commit to that much laundry."

"That looks so expensive," someone else wrote.

With Nikki responding: "You should see how much formula we go through."

In response to another comment, Nikki revealed that it was actually not as many nappies as she was expecting.

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"It was a good day," she wrote.

"Usually they poop a lot more. I change them after feedings unless they poop."

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