I’ve saved THOUSANDS on my designer wardrobe, I bagged a Valentino top for £4 at a charity shop & buy BRAS second-hand

IT'S the same thing every year – you spent weeks agonising over what to wear on your birthday, finally settle on a new dress, post a photo of it on Instagram and chuck it to the back of your wardrobe… never to be seen again.

Sound familiar? Well four years ago, fashion fan Becky Hughes decided to break this cycle.

The 24-year-old, from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, cut out fast fashion completely and now exclusively buys her clothes from charity shops and second-hand apps like Vinted.

Since 2018, Becky – who works in marketing for a charity – estimates that she's saved THOUSANDS by changing her approach to shopping.

Becky's bought a range of items, including a designer Valentino top for just £4, which should have cost over £500.

She explained: "I'm genuinely so much happier now that I've stopped buying fast fashion.


"Before, I used to spend £20 a week on a new outfit to go out. Now, it's maybe £10 a month, if that."

What's more, Becky has even purchased bras second-hand too – but draws the line at pants.

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She added: "My attitude has always been, I can always just give it a wash, and then I'm happy to wear it.

"That doesn't bother me at all, but I do understand why some people don't want to do that.

"My attitude towards clothes and how I treat the clothes I have has completely changed."

Reflecting on her old habits, Becky added: "I'd wear something, and then wouldn't want to wear it again because I'd posted a picture on Instagram.

"I would think, well everyone's already seen that so I can't wear it again.

"Now when I'm shopping, I think really carefully about when I will wear something, does it go with the clothes I already own, things like that.

"I'm much slower about the whole process in general, I usually favourite a few items and then come back and review them a day or two later.

"You'd be surprised how many things you realise you don't like or wouldn't wear just by doing that!"

Meanwhile, Becky has also started selling any unwanted clothes online too and estimates she's made about £2,000 since 2018.

Since quitting fast fashion, Becky has believes she's saved £840 a year by sticking to second hand clothes.

Becky added: "I hate the idea of stuff ending up in landfill, that's why I like to sell stuff on.

"If you have something just sitting in your wardrobe, not being worn, it's so easy to post it as for sale.

"Then, there's someone out there who will actually wear it and enjoy it, and you get some money from it, so it's a win-win situation."

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