Katherine Schwarzenegger Shares Her Eco Beauty Rules

For Katherine Schwarzenegger, being eco-conscious comes naturally. But the 29-year-old author knows that for others it’s not as easy being green. That’s why, in honor of Earth Month, she’s revealing her stress-free routine to help everyone make their regimens more eco-friendly.

“We want this planet to be happy and healthy for generations to come, and that starts with us and being mindful of our effect on the earth,” says Schwarzenegger, who credits her eco sensibility to her parents Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, and the rest of her family.

“I grew up with an awareness of taking care of the environment and the earth and finding little ways throughout my day to care for the planet. Whether that’s recycling, use less electricity, using less water or being more mindful of my presence on earth and harboring a better place for future generations to come,” she says.

Her younger sister Christina was particularly instrumental in raising her awareness about the need to better the planet.

“Her passion around being an eco-conscious person has definitely had a positive effect on me and has made me more aware of steps I can take to be more eco-friendly. She is always educating me and my family about more ways we can do a better job being environmentally friendly.”

And now Schwarzenegger is sharing her knowledge. What’s most important, she says? To remember how easy it is to live sustainably.

“I think people, including myself, find it intimidating when people talk about it in a certain way and share all the crazy statistics about how much bad we do in our everyday life for the planet, but there’s so much good we can do starting at the very little things. You can take baby steps!”

Check out her genius tips, below!



“Growing up my dad would always make sure we turned off our bedroom lights before going to school and that habit stuck with me,” Schwarzenegger says.


It’s easy to “get in the habit of leaving the water running when we brush our teeth or wash our faces,” but we must be more aware of our water usage, Schwarzenegger says. “My mom taught us to make sure we turned off the faucet,” she says of the simple but smart step.


Sister Catherine demonstrated “ways to be more eco-conscious with the products that I use and how important that is not only for the earth but also for our bodies,” prompting the star to introduce green products into her routine. The move has been “huge,” she says. One of her current must-haves? Biossance. “I love [that the] skincare line is not only better for the environment but it’s also better for me and my skin. [The non toxic brand’s cartons are compostable, while its star ingredient, squalene, is derived from renewable sugarcane.] “Knowing I’m using something that’s free of harsh chemicals, is nontoxic and that I can actually see results with, is truly amazing.”


“I try to take them with me whenever I go grocery shopping. If I’m stuck at the store without them, I always remember to recycle,” Schwarzenegger says.


“Plastic is so harmful to the environment, particularly marine life,” Schwarzenegger says. “My sister helped me switch to metal water bottles and straws instead.”

Overwhelmed by the thought of overhauling your routine? Just take it one product and practice at a time. “Any step is a good step!”

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