Kelly Brook and Michelle Keegan among the stars prowling the beach in animal print…here’s what their choice REALLY means

PROWL the beaches this summer in animal print swim just like some of your fave celebs. 

They love taking a walk on the wild side with many being spotted in the print. 

July welcomed a jump in searches of safari swimwear, rising by 66 per cent, according to Lyst.

While revealed that searches specifically for ‘leopard print’ have risen by 33 per cent in the past month.

With a whole host of celebrities getting into jungle fever, from Kelly Brook to Michelle Keegan slithering into swimwear, or zipping into zebra it is quickly becoming a roaring trend. 

So what exactly does our creature of habit print say about us?

Here, Abby McHale speaks to Fashion Psychologist Emma Kenny to decipher if you’re feline friendly or a dominant Queen of the jungle when it comes to your choice of animal print swim.

Tiger: loved by Hayley Bieber & Iskra Lawrence

Emma says: “You like to make an entrance and you are often considered intimidating, and whilst you are able to stand your ground, in truth you have a sensitive and charming nature. 

“You are fiercely loyal, and make an excellent friend because you are highly protective of the people you love, in business you are discerning, but also an adept negotiator who has the confidence to ask for whatever you need.”

Tip: Tiger print stripes are great for drawing attention to certain parts of your body. 

Depending on which way the print goes determines which way you will look at the pattern, for example diagonal tiger print stripes will draw the eye upwards towards the top of your body which is perfect for pear shapes who want to balance out their hips.

Leopard: love by Kelly Brook & Kourtney Kardashian

Emma says: “You are highly inquisitive and creative and this means that you are often the first port of call where any problems require solutions. 

“You are a quick thinker and can at times feel frustrated by others less agile responses to urgent situations. 

“You have a high energy level and often go above and beyond which at times mean that you burn out emotionally.” 

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Tip: Leopard print is the most classic of all the animal kingdom, because it’s quite a vibrant print try using it sparingly. 

With most animal prints wherever you wear it on your body it will be the focus of your look. 

If you want to go bold like Kourtney and wear a swimsuit then pair with a bright lip or accessory to break it up. 

Cheetah: loved by Heidi Klum & Emily Ratajkowski

Emma says: “You are playful at heart and bring the fun to any given situation, you thrive off the company of others and your vivacious energy means that you are popular with friends and colleagues. 

“You love to have your friends and family around you and your warm and genuine personality means that you are never short of social opportunities. 

“You are on the invite list to every party and social occasion.”

Tip: As cheetah is a punchy print by adding any extra embellishments it can make the look too busy so keep things simple. 

If you’re an apple shape and wearing this print as a swimsuit then make sure to break the look up in the middle with a belt or waist tie. 

Snake: loved by Sofia Richie & Missy Keating

Emma says: “You are decisive and interested in the finer details of everything that you attend to.

“You have very high standards and expect others to mirror the effort that you put into everything you do. 

“This can mean at times you feel a little let down by those around you. 

“You are very independent and thrive when you face a challenge, rarely feeling overwhelmed by any task you are presented with.”

Tip: Slither into snake print swim if you’re new to bold patterns. 

The muted colours mean they won’t draw as much attention to your body as some of the other prints. 

However if you are feeling more bold the print does come in more colourful shades. 

Zebra – loved by Amy Childs

Emma says: “You are the decision maker in life, you have a high level of resilience and take risks fearlessly. 

“You approach everything in a black and white manner meaning that you are invested fully, or not at all. 

“At times your ability to press on with a course of action can make you appear rash, but this is more down to you feeling that the best decisions are made without the influence of others opinions. 

“You refuse to be tethered to others rules and regulations, instead choosing the route that feels instinctively right for you.”

Tip: One of the more sophisticated animal prints, it is the perfect middle ground. 

While still packing a punch with print, it’s monochrome shades tone the look down which is perfect for those who want to stick to neutral hues.

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