Man praised for brutally honest list of housemates demands, including ‘no eye contact or boring conversations’

AN AUSSIE man has been applauded for a brutally honest housemate ad, which included maintaining no eye contact.

Taking it to Perth Buy And Sell Western Australia group on Facebook, a man shared an advertisement searching for the perfect housemate.

In the post, he explained that whilst he ''really, really'' didn't want to have a housemate, he had made the decision to rent a room in order to save some money for a motorbike.

The room, according to the ad, was large with high ceilings and came with unlimited internet, reported Daily Telegraph Australia.

The location, although undisclosed, also seemed like the perfect spot, as the property was located 10 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from the city.

However, it wasn't so much the room itself that left the members of the group in stitches.

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As well as giving a description of the $165/week room (£93/week) the tenant of which would also have access to a ''large contained backyard with a lemon and an orange tree'', the Perth man also added the Dos and Don'ts he expected from the future housemate-to-be.

Amongst these, the post read, was ''no eye contact or 'boring' polite conversation''.

The author of the post added he'd ''prefer someone who just wants to use the room to set up a lan for computer hacking 9-5 or FIFO (Fly-in, Fly-out) workers 4/1''.

The ideal housemate also shouldn't have too many visitors popping in and out, the man wrote.

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It was also specified that the roommate could also be free to grow marijuana and magic mushrooms but only on one condition – if the produce was shared with him.

Despite the rather specific and unusual list of demands, the man was praised for his transparency and honesty.


“Best room to rent ad ever,'' one woman commented.

''Expectations and boundaries laid upfront.''

According to the Daily Telegraph Australia, a Sydney housemate ad went viral after the poster allegedly banned basic household items, such as couches and lights.

The post, which raised a few eyebrows, shared fears of ''an evil monster that’s sucking away our potential''.

''His name is INSTANT gratification,” the person behind the ad wrote.

''There’s one area where instant gratification loses though, and that is peer pressure.

''Human beings are driven to belong in the tribe because being excluded meant, for thousands of years, certain death.

''So how do we take advantage of this amazing mechanism? By creating a share house that rewards good behaviour, duh!

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The viral post also revealed a handwritten list of of demands, amongst of which were no cigarettes, alcohol, cannabis, refined sugar, frozen food and fast food, as well as a strict lights-out policy after 11pm.

Rather strange requests, for example, ''daily smoothies as recommended by Rhonda'' and ''doing nice things for the community'' were also added.

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