Meghan Markle is having a ‘second baby shower in the UK – and her mum Doria, Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham are on the guest list’

MEGHAN Markle is planning a second baby shower in the UK after her extravagant celebrations in New York, reports claim.

The Duchess’ mum Doria, Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham are all expected to be on the guest list for the more modest gathering after they were notably absent from her first party.

Doria is reportedly planning to fly in from LA for the “small gathering”.

A source told the Mail on Sunday: “Doria is coming to a baby shower here. It will be a small gathering of five or six people.”

Meghan, 37, initially wanted to host the event at her and Prince Harry’s new home – Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

But renovation work has been delayed, meaning the party could be moved to Buckingham Palace, the Mail on Sunday reported.

It has previously been reported that Kate Middleton may step up to organise the event just to “shut everyone up”.

A royal source told Us Weekly: “There is still going to be some sort of private baby-centric event for Meghan’s UK people, and Kate will host.

“Her glam people and other relatives will be there. Not sure if it’s a total baby ‘shower,’ but you could probably call it that.”

An insider told Fabulous Digital: "It will be very low key, don't expect a harpist, but it will still have the luxury items Meghan loves."

The upcoming celebration comes after Meghan enjoyed a glamorous baby shower in New York – estimated to cost in excess of £330,000.

The lavish event was attended by stars such as Serena Williams and Amal Clooney, and no expense was spared.

According to royal commentator and editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine Ingrid Seward, the second baby shower will not be as extravagant and Kate will play a big role to “shut everyone up”.

Doria was notably absent from the New York baby shower and it appears Kate decided to give the party a miss in favour of spending the half term break with her brood.

According to a royal source, the Cambridges jetted off on a secret snow-filled ski holiday for some much-needed family time together.

Speaking to the Sun Online, Ingrid previously shared: “I should think she’d [Kate Middleton] be the first person on the list just to shut everyone up.

“Maybe Kate will be giving it to her. Somebody could easily be doing it for her.

“I would think it will be her English friends but she would like the other members of the royal family to come.

“It just depends what they are doing. Eugenie would be a likely one as they are so friendly.”

While Meghan’s American bash included staying at the £54,000-per-night penthouse of The Mark Hotel – New York’s most expensive suite – Ingrid said Meghan’s second party will be lower key.

She explained: “I think she’d get criticised if it was another huge one in a hotel and there is no need to have it in a hotel.

“Americans love to do things in hotels and restaurants, but the Brits like to do things at home.

“The minute they go to a public place it’ll cause such a furore. They don’t have to be that extravagant.

“She could rustle up some cupcakes and a couple of bottles of champagne. It doesn’t have to be on that scale.

“I know she likes to do things on a grandiose scale.”

This was certainly seen with a £480 harp performance by Erin Hill, designer Away suitcases as party favours costing £230 a pop, a £153 Carnival King candyfloss machine and £307 worth of Lady Fleur NYC roses.

The pregnant duchess later boarded a Gulfstream G450 twin jet plane, which is believed to have cost £95,000 (paid for by Amal Clooney) for the six-hour journey back to the UK from the Big Apple.

There was certainly no expense spared for the occasion and Ingrid said Meghan looked like she was having the time of her life.

Ingrid said: “I thought Meghan looked so happy on her New York hen do. She looked so happy to be back in her native country and back with her friends and go for lunch and coffee.

“All the things she can’t do here. It must have been really nice for her as she’s been working really hard. Good to have a bit of fun.

“There is certainly no reason by royal ladies can’t have them. It’s an American idea and it’s a charming idea.”

However, not everyone was supportive of the over-the-top celebrations, and some fans took to Twitter to criticise the eye-wateringly expensive party.

One person tweeted: “Meghan & Harry are being billed as Humanitarians. They are Patrons of charities for the disadvantaged. The obscene cost of this 5 day trip is utter hypocrisy.

"Not to mention the carbon footprint of taking a private jet.”

Another added: “Yet Meghan Markle just had a $500,000 baby shower. How many people would that money have helped. She promotes herself as a humanitarian? LOL.”

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