Meghan Markle Just Wore A Floral Dress In Winter Because Style Rules Don’t Matter

Meghan Markle has been on a fashion role in the colder months, and she’s not slowing down despite her growing baby bump. On Tuesday, the Duchess of Sussex headed to a nursing home for entertainers, and Meghan Markle’s floral dress proves that the pattern isn’t just for spring and summer months.

Markle continued her royal outings Tuesday by visiting Brinsworth House according to People. The nursing home is specifically for former British entertainers which makes it a perfect place for the former actress turned royal to visit. While there, she even cracked a joke about feeling pregnant as her baby bump continues to grow.

Of course, that much talked about bump was showing under her perfect winter floral sheath dress. According to The Cut, the frock is by Brock Collection (offers sizes 0-12) and features a soft cream color with a grey floral bouquet pattern. The combination of the off-white shade with a grey floral makes it a perfect way to wear a flower print in the winter without looking like you’re longing for spring — even if you might be.

Of course, it’s cold in the UK and the dress features ruched cap sleeves, so she paired the dress with a Soia & Kyo Adelaida coat (offers sizes XXS-XL) with a belted waist.

See? The perfect winter floral.

Plus, let’s talk about this coat. While the coat isn’t an exact rewear, it certainly shows that Markle’s got a penchant for a certain style. The grey coat features larger lapels and a tie waist, not buttons like some of her other (and somewhat rare) wears. The belted waist seems to be becoming a signature for the Duchess of Sussex now.

Of course, her most famous tie waist coat is the white one she wore from Line the Label when she and Prince Harry announced their engagement.

However, she also wore one when she attended last year’s Christmas Mass with the royal family before she married Prince Harry.

Who could forget her belted J. Crew coat (offers sizes 000-24) that every one wanted to get their hands on?

While Markle has worn button-down coats like her Burberry tartan coat she wore while in Scotland, the tie waist coat could just be her thing for the holiday season.

While the coat may have been all winter vibes, her winter floral dress proves that you can mix and match patterns you wouldn’t expect in the winter. Plus, seeing the duchess in a pattern at all is a bit out of the ordinary. She’s been wearing solids as of late like her Club Monaco dress (offers sizes 00-12), and even while in Australia, she mostly stuck to solids with just a simple stripe thrown in occasionally.

If you’ve been wondering whether or not you can rock a floral print in winter, just take a hint from Meghan Markle. The duchess’s floral print winter dress is a total hit, and paired with a tie waist grey coat, it’s very much so her style. Will more patterns be in Markle’s future? Royal fashion fans will have to wait to find out.

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