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SHE may be juggling being a new mum with her charity work and royal commitments.

But Meghan Markle somehow still manages to maintain an incredible physique.

And now the Duchess of Sussex's nutritionist may have finally revealed the surprising secret behind her slim figure.

Gabriela Peacock, who shaped Meghan's pre-wedding diet, has claimed that eating a spoonful of yoghurt before every meal can aid weight loss.

She claims the dairy dish will help blitz body fat by tricking your body into reducing insulin and blood sugar spikes.

The model turned nutritionist told The Telegraph: "I tell my clients to eat some spoonfuls of yoghurt before a meal.

"By starting your meal with protein as opposed to carbohydrate, you reduce the insulin and blood sugar spikes that come from releasing carbs into your blood stream.

"So having a bit of yoghurt – or some cheese or ham – is a useful trick."

Gabriela Peacock's top tips on how to eat like an A-Lister

1. Aim for five meals per day

Gabriela says everyone should be eating little and often and that you should not let yourself get to the point where you feel starving.

2. Eat yoghurt before meals

She claims eating yoghurt before meals is a great way to speed up weight loss as it reduces the insulin and blood sugar spikes that come from releasing carbs into your blood stream.

3. Don't skip meals

Gabriela says it's easier to gain weight if you skip meals as it means you will have had unbalanced blood sugar levels all day.

4. Choose the right carbs

She urges people to pick carbs that are high in fibre such as brown rice or wild rice rather than white rice.

5. Supplement with age

She says as you get older to invest in some supplements to aid immunity, digestion and overall nourishment.

6. Boost your immunity

Gabriela recommends a cup of green tea or a handful of blueberries a day – as they are anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.

7. Eat for healthy skin

She recommends including foods such as oily fish and nuts and seeds in your diet.

Gabriela also admitted she tells her clients, who also include Princess Eugenie, to eat five meals a day.

She added: "I suggest breakfast, lunch and light dinners, with snacks in between.

"Aiming for flat blood sugar levels without spikes throughout the day is best for weight management.

"Just eat when you are feeling slightly peckish. You are not supposed to be starving."

In particular, Gabriela emphasises that no one should skip meals, particularly breakfast.

She said: "If you don’t have breakfast but then have a quick lunch or some cookies in the office and a coffee to carry you through, that is when you gain weight as you will have had completely unbalanced blood sugar levels all day. Then in the evening you will feel so hungry you will eat anything put in front of you."

While Meghan's diet is essential to her slim figure, she is also no stranger to exercising – and definitely likes to stay active.

Meghan's exercise regime

She is a yoga fanatic (often doing candlelit classes) which is not surprising giving her mum is an instructor.

The Suits actress previously said: "I love an intense vinyasa class – and even better if it’s blasting hip hop and done in a dark room with candlelight.

"The best! I’ll do yoga a couple of times a week – hot yoga specifically.”

And previously she has attributed her lean body to her Pilates classes with personal trainer Heather Dorak.

Nobody rocks a pair of denim cut-offs like Meghan, and her princess-perfect pins are probably because one of her favourite exercises is a six-mile run.

She said: “Running has always been my form of moving meditation, which I relish because it allows me to get out of my head."

She hones her glutes at the supermodels’ favourite workout The Skinny Bitch Collective, founded by trainer Russell Bateman.

The duchess is also a big fan of US-based class Pilates Platinum, which reinvents the stretching of a reformer Pilates machine into a cardio and strength-training workout.

A 55-minute class can burn 700 calories and gives you abs you’ll want to show off in a crop top.

She also swears by the core-toning exercises on personal trainer Tracy Anderson’s workout DVDs, loved by Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian.

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