Mind trick baffles thousands as they can’t move their foot and hand together – so can YOU do it? | The Sun

IT sounds like it should be an easy task that anyone could do, but a brand new mind and body trick is currently dividing the nation.

The new trend has seen people trying to move their right foot and hand together at the same time. While some have mastered it, others have struggled to complete the action – so which camp do you sit? 

Canadian Osteopath Brendon Talbot shared a video challenging his followers to see what would happen for them. 

Brendon, who has 1.7 million followers on TikTok, said: “While sitting in a chair, lift your right foot and make clockwise circles. 

“Now using your right hand, draw the number six in the air – watch your foot change direction.”  

Afterwards he explained that those that could follow his instructions have amazing body control – but that the majority wouldn’t be able to as their body simply wouldn’t let them.

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That’s because the brain is attempting to move both clockwise and anti-clockwise at the exact same time. 

With both codes trying to get to the brain at the same time, one often overpowers the other and they end up moving in the same direction. 

Since, Brendon’s followers have flocked to tell him how they got on – and there’s a pretty even spit.

One wrote: “Aaahh it hurts my brain. I can’t control it.” A second was in agreement and said: “Wow that’s crazy, mine changed.”

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However, others said they were able to control their movements and move both their foot and hand in opposite directions at the same time. 

One commented: “Ok, it did initially but I forced my damn foot to remain in the same motion and it was damn hard.” 

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Another wrote: “I can still maintain a clockwise circle of my foot – the trick is drawing the number six from the middle to the head.” 

While Brendon himself said: “Mine changes direction every time.”

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